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Apologies and reasons for leaving the plot.

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  • Apologies and reasons for leaving the plot.

    I would like to once again apologize for leaving. But I have little choice. It is nothing short of cruelty to force myself into doing something that isn't fun. A little RL hardship isn't bad and would be worth it for something as fun sounding as Akoma, but what I am going through is more then just a little. As everyone probably already knows, I had lag yesterday. Bad lag. VERY BAD lag. But it wasn't -just- the lag. About 7:30-7:45 Central, I lost my connection and it took over an hour just to regain it, by then events had happened and a storm plot was already under way and I was confused and didn't know what was going on or even how to begin getting involved, but I figured I would soldier through. Except lag happened. Again. As bad as before. And this was AFTER I had shut my computer down, and restarted both it and my modem. But the lag did not extend just to the game, it was system wide across all of my tabs. Even Skype. Everything internet related. So I know it is not the game at fault.

    However, because of my unreliable connection and badly lagging system it would be cruel to me to continue to engage in something that would nothing short of torturous given that even if i somehow miraculously managed to keep an intact connection, I would NOT be able to actually act on anything going on. I would be a shackled spectator forced to just watch and incapable of doing anything I want to do when it needed to be done which will just lead to confusing nonsensical actions because the context would be lost.

    It would also be unfair to all of you who may try to get me involved and forced to wait for my responses never knowing when they will come IF they will come or if in the case of a system crash, waiting for me to show back up even if it takes, well, over an hour. It would be unfair to everyone involved. So I am backing out. Hughes Net can kiss my *********** and ******* the ******* ** *****.

    I should also note, the lag was so bad yesterday, (and this I actually FIND amusing) that when I typed in quit and hit enter, I left the room to go to bed immediately after, only to wake up in the morning to find out the game never quit but continued on till I DCed from a broken connection. So the command of quit never got put through.

    As for the IC reason Eyriel did not make it onto the boat, well, because she was tricked, drugged, and squirrel-napped by those who did not want her on board. After all, if you really do mean to harm a ship and its crew, the last thing you want is for that ship to have a trained healer, no? But she is okay. Her takers made a grave mistake. They let her wake up. And as anyone knows, there is not lock a determined squirrel can not get passed. No barrier they can not overcome. (Just ask the army! XD)

    Anyways, that is it for my explanation and woooh! Only one line of rant! I did good.

    Enjoy your fun plot.