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A grand farewell to all!

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  • A grand farewell to all!

    Hey everyone! It's your friendly crazy Flinx playing guy here. I just wanted to thank everyone for the years, and everything else of awesome Role Play, and Plots, and so much more. I've come to meet and greet different people, different play styles, and it's been an incredible outcome. I personally again, want to thank you all so much. You've made the game fun with Flinx, it was hard at times, easy at times, tricky, and so much more. I hope I gave you all what you gave me with my character.

    During Tonight's plot, I asked the Staff for a perma-death that was suppose to happen a long time ago, and they granted it to me. I want to thank Topsy! With the epic kill, and who made it fun for me. I want to thank all those in part of this Plot, it was great to go out on such a **** good plot, and to Maddy for having it! You're awesome. Though, it was just time to put Flinx at a final rest, for reasons and this and that.

    I'm not leaving the game, I'll be back in some little ickle skinned puppet, Who knows when, who knows where, but I will return.

    Again, a HUGE! Thank you for everyone I have RP'd with over the years in this game with Flinx, thank you for helping mold and make his story, to helping mold and make his background come alive with each passing moment on the RP line. You guys rock! I look forward to RPing with you all again, and seeing what can and cannot happen with a new character, new plots, and new everything.

    Thanks Maddy, Thanks Topsy! And thank you Kilana, And thank you to everyone else, I'll keep in touch with those who want to, and Ill see you all IG soon enough!