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Random thoughts (because i am braindead from my work)

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  • Random thoughts (because i am braindead from my work)

    Was giving some thought that the houses seem to brain-drain the guilds from all active crafters/players.

    I think a lot of the issue relates to the portrayal of guild mechanics. The Guilds in ICO are more of MMO guilds, not a merchant guilds. They reflect companies or associations.

    I'll show what I mean by examples I see in ICO

    1) A trade/merchant/craft guild would have a monopoly for certain trade. Tailors guild would combine all tailors in town. Would have strict acceptation rules, involving apprenticeships, and so on, and non-guild members would not be allowed to practice and would be persecuted by town authority. The ICO guild like so we can sew represents more of single tailors shop or studio, and as such would be members of the true Tailors Guild. ( i understand that with a low player population this would be hard to realize, but still, I don't know, I will have to think a lot more on how to properly represent it)

    2) No guild tailor would not be allowed to practice, and trying to do so would cause a reaction - persecution, arrest or expulsion from the town

    3) Reading the source materials for Iron claw I managed to get, the town belongs to Rinaldi, and other families are what they are called - representatives and embassies. It should be in Rinaldi family business and best interest to protect the guilds from "unlawful competition"

    I don't know if this is for purpose or by design, but the way it is now, the "house crafters" are an insult to guilds and Rinaldi House - the violate the guild system, weaken the city ( it is a city build on craft and trade!), and undermine Rinaldi's position as a ruling house - with a clearly offered challenge to its rule

    In most generous cause they would be tolerated as an "imports" but all their crafts and products would be heavily taxed and had to pay heavy duties

    Well sorry for rambling. Just some free thought of brain too dead from work.

    (this is just a ramble and discussion bait, don't take it too serious )
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    The issue of crafting guilds versus House crafters has been one that has plagued ICO since the inception of VP Houses. Itís a sticky situation with so many facets that can be challenging to overcome.

    In an ideal scenario, crafters would be in guilds and Houses would manage the import of goods, but as we all know, the ideal world inside the bubble of idealism is always hard to achieve.

    As staff, we have worked for years on end to encourage, guide and suggest that people stick with the idea reality of the paradigm that the source material outlines. While we could outright mandate things from the staff side in respect to this issue, we try not to be so heavy handed in our approach.

    And to do so would remove half the fun of that conflict that comes from Guild Council versus the Houses. For the most part, the players enjoy the conflict and while some might not be happy by actions taken by either side in this conflict of interests, it DOES provide for a lot of opportunity to conflict in game.

    I am excited to see what the Guild Council has been working on in this respect for the last few months. Perhaps this time they will make some headway!

    Happy gaming!