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    I recently went on two ships HMS Victory (1765) a 104-gun first-rate ship of the line and HMS Warrior (1860) a 40-gun steam-powered armoured frigate (Britain's first).

    I took a shed load of photos for any one interested in adding a little bit of authenticity to their naval character(s) and how life on a ship may have been. I'm fairly certain the game would be set earlier than the period in which these two ships were in service, but it was certainly very interesting, and gave me a lot of ideas for Ralston in the future. PM or send me a scroll with your email address and I can send them over.

    (Disclamer: I'm not a photographer, so the quality of the photos probably aren't great. The Warrior had a set route to walk, so has a jumble of floors all over the place rather than starting at the top deck and working down. The darker the photo, the lower in the ship is a good rule of thumb

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      That is quite cool. I prefer bit newer ships myself ( i should have my pictures of Mikasa somewhere), but the warrior is cool ship