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Bad news T-T will be gone for an unforeseeable amount of time

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  • Bad news T-T will be gone for an unforeseeable amount of time

    A couple of days ago my PC broke so until I can replace it, itll be a while, I wont be able to get back on ICO. I've tried getting on with a phone. No such luck. T-T As for an IC reason why Ey has once again vanished...Epidemic in some far off but important agricultural city will do. I will do my best to get a new PC asap, but since now I have the reason I will take my time so that my new PC is a GOOD PC and not some 500 buck cheap junk. Like I usually get. But itll have to wait till after I get my taxes paid. T-T my life is such a mess.

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    Oh the cruel fate ((((


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      If you'd like to play from your phone, here's what I do. I recommend Mukluk for simple interface, blowtorch for added capability.

      Look for World Details to create a world.

      The address you want to use is

      the port you want to use is

      After you create a world, click on it and look for "connect" Here the password will be your skotos account and you should be able to pop in. Big scrolls or fast scenes can really cause dismay on a phone screen though!