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    So, I'm not too sure if this is allowed but delete it if it's not..

    This is mainly aimed at my fellow UK players, but if anyone wants to chip in.. please do! <3

    But basically, I'm looking to raise money for charity (Marie Curie) as we've had some really unexpected bad news within the family and I want to give back to the hospice that's looking after my family member.

    I'm going to be doing a wing-walk this year (just waiting on a couple of replies for finalisation of dates etc) but I wanted to get this ball rolling a lot sooner than originally planned.. (as we got more bad news today.)

    Like I said, delete this if I'm against the rules and it's obviously an optional thing but I'd appreciate it if you guys even looked!

    I wouldn't normally head for forums etc, but I want to try to get the absolute most I can, so I'm hitting all platforms that I can!


    - Maena's Player.