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    There's been a drought recently! A couple of reasons for that, regular and historical.

    A number of people are just busy in real life! I'm connecting with an old friend, adjusting to new roles at work. I know one person in our community is ill, another prepping to move, and a few other reasons.

    But more so, we're heading to shed our fur. Staff are working zealously to bring us something new. The time between Ironclaw online's end and Allegory of Empires beginning is an intermission. If you haven't heard of it, read the news forums and I can forward you logs of the community meetings.

    That said, I've moved Staci back into town and will be about for some R P!


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      I see. Well Ill be on and off in ICO until it says "No, go away we hate you" and beyond that I wish everyone involved in the new game the best of luck. PM me if anyone wants to keep in contact beyond ICO, or see if you can find me elsewhere randomly.
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        Hate is such a strong word!

        The transition will happen Nov 1st. Hopefully we will see you there!

        As we get closer to November we will make more announcements and host another meeting to keep everyone up to speed. In the meantime, the slow season should be winding down soon and we will hopefully see you around on The Who!


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          I'll also be in and out. Parroting Adon, please reach out if you want to stay in touch!