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  • Cross/Adon/etc

    Hey all. Been a minute since I posted in here but a few people have been in my emails and messengers asking so I wanted to take a moment to address the question here ahead of time.

    For many many years I played Adon, and often enough a great deal of other characters. At this point theres little reason to hide my alts as the decision was made that I will not be returning to any iteration of Ironclaw developed in the last couple of years +.

    So the following characters will not be returning, some already removed from play over the years. Adon Zol, Count Crocifisso Donato Corvasci (Rinaldi), Darius, Destin(Avo), Troyes, Garret, Xen Adro Luca Afa Darazael, Vargo, Jareth, Marea, Sinn, Billie (BJ), Azora Starr Dillon(Council), Nash, Belarius(CNPC), Drea, Kiven, Evander, Mistress Tessa, Dune, Mercy, Macavity, Omen, Lady Grazia(RInaldi), and Aneira.

    I have tried playing the game and I appreciate the invites and offers to come back but the game I played is gone, and I am sure the new one is great and the people who stay and play there are just more into the new stuff than I am. IF anyone wants to stay in contact or wonders whats going on with me or wants to play My pms are always open and Im still in -a- game I just wont post about it in another games forums .

    Much love, and fond remembrances to those of you Ive played with, I will miss your minds and your roleplay and the friendships that developed in the old game.