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  • Dame Kilana stores her white towel in her midnight black leather satchel, "These nuggets are a real problem."
    Tribune Namor di Rinaldi, Esq.
    Formerly Sir Namor da Via Salutis di Rinaldi


    • 13:41 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "You examine a small asymmetrical rock. It's a small asymmetrical rock. Say it with me R-O-C-K . You don't actually need me to describe a rock, do you? If you do, a prose game will be quite a challenge, my little friend. Carry on and good luck out there."
      13:41 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "*cries*"
      13:43 [Chat|Azru] "A new person"
      13:44 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "Sort of returned. Only to be insulted by a rock. :-("
      13:44 [Chat|Kino] "lol yeah. that was sh deaeth when he was around. his descripts are amazing."
      13:45 [Chat|Azru] "Don't worry, it's a hard rock to follow"
      13:45 [Chat|Zaos] "you could even say he was stoned when he wrote it"
      13:45 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "Rock it off you peeps."
      13:46 [Chat|Zaos] "your wish is granite"
      13:46 [Chat|Azru] "You can't tell me what rock to do"
      13:46 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "What a nice sediment, Zaos."
      13:47 [Chat|Zaos] "I'll say whatever the shale I want to"
      13:47 [Chat|Azru] "Zaos is boulder than I am"
      13:48 [Chat|Zaos] "That joke was almost as good as mine"
      13:48 [Chat|Azru] "Don't give me the shaft"
      13:49 [Chat|Zaos] "I rail against the notion"
      13:49 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "No one's better than Zaos, ignimbrite?"
      13:49 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "Basalt, he's the best there is."
      13:50 [Chat|Zaos] "I am slated for hell now"
      13:50 [Chat|Azru] "That is a concrete statement"
      13:50 [Chat|Zaos] "looking to cement your reputation?"
      13:51 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "Come on, Zaos, that silican't be true."
      13:51 [Chat|Azru] "I would climb the highest mountain"
      13:51 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "That's felsic, Azru."
      13:51 [Chat|Zaos] "Can I take a peak while you do it?"
      13:52 [Chat|Azru] "Don't crush my dreams"
      13:52 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "Come on, Azru, what you're saying is dacite."
      13:52 [Chat|Zaos] "I gravel in awe at your puns"
      13:52 [Chat|Kino] "your putting a crack in my sanity"
      13:52 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "Yes, but they're tuff to keep up."
      13:53 [Chat|Zaos] "But I thought I was supposed to bear the mantle today"
      13:54 [Chat|Azru] "It must be hard being so strong"
      13:54 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "But your ability to do so is purely tholeiitic."
      13:55 [Chat|Zaos] "That wasn't very gneiss of you to say"
      13:56 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "Well, are you a man or a pumice?"
      13:56 [Chat|Zaos] "Sheesh, you're throwing everything but the kitchen zinc at me"
      13:58 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "Such is the way in a verbal feldspar."
      13:59 [Chat|Zaos] "Do you have to find fault with it?"
      14:01 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "No, but it makes me feel happy, hale and phosphorus."
      14:02 [Chat|Zaos] ", no. that one doesn't work. Just the same though, I think you'v elost your marble"
      14:04 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "Now now...don't be rudite."
      14:06 [Chat|Zaos] "I could go all day, if you really want me to erupt"
      14:06 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "Come on, no need for blood to be silt."
      14:07 [Chat|Zaos] "I undersand perfectly"
      14:08 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "Great. Otherwise it would ruin your clay."
      14:12 [Chat|Dame Katrina] "Anyway, I must be trough for now."
      14:13 [Chat|Zaos] "sorry for giving you a hard time"
      14:55 [Chat|Kino] "hi and bye lol"
      14:55 [Chat|Gretta] ">.>"


      • > who
        Online[10] (21:07 EST): [redacted], Dieter, Esquire Baez, Esquire Mojachi, Gretchen, Lieutenant Bayork, Lieutenant Jessica, Sergeant-Major Abelard, Trevyn and some falling pebbles.
        Staff[2]: StoryBuilder Topsy and StoryHost Azrael.


        • Looks like we've got zombies again


          Tabbart notes the corpse of a black skink oddly.

          > smile
          You smile.

          Tabbart nods to you again.
          > grunt "hello"
          You grunt, "hello."

          Tabbart begins to fight the corpse of a black skink.

          The corpse of a black skink shifts into a defensive stance.

          The corpse of a black skink ducks towards a crack.

          Tabbart wields a metal executioner's axe.
          > @ooc "wtf..."
          OOC -- You say, "wtf..."

          OOC -- Tabbart says, "It's not dead"

          Tabbart takes aim at the corpse of a black skink.

          Tabbart hits the corpse of a black skink on its right calf.
          The corpse of a black skink dies from its wounds.

          Tabbart is the last fighter left standing.

          Tabbart takes a black skink corpse.

          OOC -- Tabbart says, "Now it is"

          Tabbart removes a metal executioner's axe.


          • You shake, "no, that's my point. He died completely out of town during our trip to three coroners for the rinaldi hunt."


            • You examine a large iron animal cage.
              A large iron animal cage. A large, solid iron cage standing four feet high, four feet wide, and six feet deep. A gridded iron door has been securely attached to the front side and bears a durable latch which can be additionally padlocked for extra security if necessary. Four well-made, swiveling wheels are affixed to the base and allow for easier transport of the contents within.
              The large iron animal cage appears to be of unsurpassed quality. A large iron animal cage is closed. The cage's gridded iron door is open.

              Its a paradoxical cage! IT CAN'T BE! Its open and closed at the same time!?


              • Bruno proffers to Viscount Valentinus, "I can fetch the piece for you? I am very strong."
                Bruno pauses, "Not that you aren't. I just..."
                Bruno practically trips over his words, "Wish to be helpful."
                Liguria Trading
                specializes in the trade of rare and valuable goods of the highest quality;
                nationally and internationally.


                • Destiny flushes her cheeks frustratedly, "But, your accent... is parfait!"