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    So I wondered how people picture their characters. I know in my head I have more Beatrice Potter/Redwall sort of images. More bipedal animals. This is opposed to the more anime/furry comic style of extremely anthropomorphic animals.

    I went looking for pictures of suitable porcupines and went through a number of furry sites. My comments are thus as follows:
    • Oh my god, my eyes, why do people draw furry porn?
    • Its hard to find bipedal or anthro porcupines

    I actually found one that fit, but I was unable to find it again. Still here is an image that sort of matches my sensibility. It is of an older porcupine, thus the glasses. The story of the pic is that he says he's climbing up the tall stump to think wise thoughts, but really he's gone to get away from the Missus and smoke a cigarette in peace

    Brumble is younger, but I picture him as moving slow and sedately as porcupines just rarely have much that causes them to move fast. This picture fits that sense of a less humanoid 'pine.

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    I drew Basanti more humanish than animal for the fact I can't draw animals to save my life. I'll probably draw her again though since I'm not too satisfied with this one.


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      I found this on Deviant Art. Thanks to Random Artist(tm) who drew it.

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        Leah's a forest cat, so not quite the right picture.

        But I can imagine her like this, very easily:

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          WoodBurn by Gen-Etik

          *sighs* Still nothing suitable, but this body form and back view works.

          (Huh, won't let me put an image in or link)


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            Lilly's player found me this one...Just a tad too old for Naomi, but I liked it and it will definatly be teenage Naomi.

            P.S try finding drawings of fat, children raccoons with shaved fur dressed as a pirate.....Impossible.


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              Cait, except she has indigo eyes ^.^


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                This is a picture of Persia that I found somewhere and was then personalized by a lovely staffer.


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                  I love drawing, so naturally I do my own stuff. Since a lot of my art has anthropomorphic subjects, I'm confident in saying that the way I draw my characters is pretty similar to the ICO vision.

                  First concept sketch of Nes. Be warned- relatively tasteful nudity. My characters start out naked as the day they're born!

                  Now, in case people didn't already know, Nes is a dancer, and I spent, like, a month nutting out his costume. But it hasn't been introduced in game yet, so if you don't want to ruin a surprise, don't click the following!

                  Initial brainstorming
                  Concept sketch
                  Pretty much the final design, save for some color tweaking

                  Now for something funny...

                  In game lineart! On the left is Jahari (who is currently not with us, sadly). I'm in the middle of coloring it, so you'll get to see his markings etc. (he looks curiously bare without them). And yes. He totally spanked Nes. And Nes was totally asking for it. I think the injury was a "dire bruise" to the rump.

                  Speaking of Jahari...

                  And also: A personal favorite. It's a pity that ICO doesn't have avian species, so the falcon on the left is not related to ICO.

                  On that note, since I am hopelessly addicted to ICO, if you want a pic done, you are quite welcome to ask me I will, however, be extraordinarily slow as I am very busy!
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                    Wow! You're really good! I'd show you some of my work but my scanner is crap! I might ask Gemma if I can use her scanner or something!

                    Perhaps my scanner has worked for once.
                    My drawings tend to be less detailed and more lined as the time I have on my hands is often very small. So here is one I drew earlier...
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                      Wow, wow, wow, wow! Nes! You are so awesome at that!
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                        Indeed. Great stuff Nes.

                        Actually all around, good pics. Its fun to see how people picture their chars


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                          Thats pretty much how I see Fips, maybe a little rounder...

                          (and with clothes )
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                            I was surfing around looking for pictures, trying to come up with an idea for a character to play in-game. I quite liked this picture, it has personality.

                            I liked how this picture has the character looking a little sassy & capable, and wanted to combine that with the standard anime "catgirl" ditzy useless cutesey over-emotional sort of character. So you may notice that Tygra is a little bi-polar.

                            The details that stood out in the picture for me were the ears and hands, so I emote a lot using her large ears and strong hands.

                            The site had a lot of egyptian characters, so that's what made me decide to make her come from an Egypt-like place (despite tigers not coming from egypt...)

                            An earlier picture by the artist...

                            ...and another


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                              Neske is not as girly as I pictured him in game I always thought he was less musculary. Silly Rabbit.