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!Welcome Back to ICO! - !Good Luck Out of ICO!

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  • !Welcome Back to ICO! - !Good Luck Out of ICO!

    Well. Some of you may or may not have noticed - But it seems a lot of our old patients...I mean players have been spotted in the asylum....I mean, game. Yes. I've noticed (No, I really don't live here..except sometimes.). Soooo.....I'm just saying welcome back to those I've noticed. I may miss someone here....but err....excuse me if I do. There's a few I can't mention though as they're incognito....But..- coughs - They might post here just to virtually slap me for even hinting.

    But, but, but! We have Nyx! Spot! Guinness! I've seen them all about, lately. So, lets say welcome back!

    Clover has been spotted more lately! Start bullying people man, where's the gossip at you handsome equine?

    Matteo's been about. Daz and her entourage of male harems (Val. <_<). Heh heh. We've seen Grazia who has been keeping Matteo on his leash.

    Eberhard, you ripe piece of bacon! Come meet the new Avoir! Mwahaha! I saw you online! Get back here!

    Antonio has been about now and then, he's a Gentleman of the Avoir. <_< Stop depriving us of our queer horse and play him more, mate.

    Uh. Uh. Who else? Gemma! Our Renaissance themed bunny girl. Howdy, chicka and welcome back!

    Rowf has been about for a couple months actually now! Welcome back, mate! Don't overrun Triskellian with the dogs, but a few collies would be nice.

    Err. Who else. Uh. Uh. Letsss see. Uh. Damn it. Brain dead. Who else? Gerard! You charming rogue. Welcome back.

    Then there's the few that -might- be coming back. <_< Err. Well we've got Kenina part time. So, welcome back on her end. I've seen Charlot around lately, va va voom. Where's her husband Murdoch at? Get back to ICO, we need our Admiral Cranky'pants.

    Soooo....the possible people that might come back.... - makes puppy eyes at Dio's typist -....Come on man. People are dying lately and you haven't done it.

    Kenina, bring that hunky wolf, Twyrch back. - thwaps that man - Get him enthused darn it.

    Where's Lucius? Gina? Come on, guys. Who was that other guy? Err...the smooth talker....C....something. He was part of the Black to. Damn it, man. Come on.

    Quo! I saw Quo a couple weeks ago! Come on, Quo! You know you love us.

    Oh! Big applause for Zoe! She's back too! Hey, chicka. So, is Pruuuuu!

    Oh. Oh. Who else? Err. Brumble! Sir Prickles the Porcupine! Congrats, mate! Welcome back.

    Oh. Oh. Who else? Uh. Did I see Swan about? Mm? Come on, boy-o. We need you, too.

    Faile? Come on, where's my glaring snug-a-bug Faile? I love you, babes. Get back here!

    Nurai? Update, woman! Update! You were here when I first got back. You said things were okay, but I don't even have your email, woman! Update us! Where's my, Envoy?! Hug the family for me!

    Oh. Oh. Who else? Loki? You bugger. Where are you? Stop falling off the map and at least update us with your snarky self.

    Oh. Who else? Ummm.....Tomas! You devil! Get back here. - noogies - Update at least, mate! Stop hiding from us! We need you to come knock some wolves down who are to big for their britches. Get back here, man. Don't make me do all your dirty work!

    Lianaar! L I A N A A R! Our coon. We've seen you about more oft, too. I wonder what you're plotting or conspiring on!

    p.s. Lina...if you correct my grammar or use of the English language...I'll sob. <_< This post is being done on four hours of sleep in the period of three days. I got a wild hair. Love you, anyway.

    Oh! Oh! Everyone....get your hankies out....start sobbing....and tell Marcus not to leave us just because he's retiring from the Rinaldi. At least send him hugs, kisses and well wishes. We love you, mate.

    Death? Deeeeeeath? Where are you? Get back here. You've not been spotted via your msg or Skotos, period. Not for weeks now. Give me ding, and let me know how the wife and munchkins are. - pets -

    Carlon....- sniffles - You got a real life. I hate you. I love you. But I hate you. Stop sun-tanning on the customers porch and get some work done so you can come back.

    Sunta....Everyone's sending their scrolls to Marcus to you. That's your first duty as Squire. Heh heh. Love ya, doll. Glad to see you more oft. =P - smooch -

    Who else....err...Bayard. Stop spending time with an actual woman that loves you and come back to us, the people who know what you're really like and are used to that sarcasm rather than the soft cooties called feelings that you share with the real world. I love ya, bro. Hit me up on msn, sometime or just....ya to my house and don't blow my mailbox up for telling everyone you're soft...Heh.

    Gus.....Everyone keep kiddo here in your prayers. While he's absent, he's doing okay, except for the economy busting his proverbial balls. Wish him luck in getting to his girls house this year, and with the job market to. - snugs - Talk to you soon, mate.

    Geradan....just quit your job already...leave the girlfriend...and confess your true love for video games....It's okay. We all know you love us. Heh heh.
    - pets -

    Lia......- sniffs - You're leaving us for mean. - smirks - Call me, doll. Good luck and congrats on life!

    Harken....Call me. But good luck in life. A lot of us are sad to see you go, but we hope you have fun out there! Maybe we'll swindle you back into the ICO community someday. ^_^

    Quinn....I saw you about the other day you flamboyant little man...Welcome back.

    Sir Erwin - Stop cheating on us with the rest of Skotos and actually come play. - chuckles - Darn it. We need your Doloreaux self and you need to start being'ish? Talk to you soon, mate.

    Who else....who else...who Oh! That other C name was Carlito. Get your arse back here. I'm to lazy to scroll all the way and change what I wrote previously. But you need to get back here, too!

    Just editing to add someone! Inalla is back! Woo hoo! I saw you online! Welcome back, pretty!

    Another edit darn it! Xena! Our first lioness is officially back as well! Tell her to get on to the wooing of Gerard and stop dancing around the bush! She knows that boy has cute gams and small melons! Gerard....I love you...stop being being an attention addict in my msn and just be happy I put your name here.. - chuckles -

    Fenton! I saw you two days ago! Just give your mom the remote, a bag of dorritos, stop driving the truck, tell the rain to go away and come be the sneaky little bugger that you are, mate. We love you. - chuckles - Hit me up on yahoo tonight....don't run my house over with your truck.

    Ladies! Tamara! Gabrielle! Shaer! Antonia! Emilia! Aedina! Get your tushies back here! Aedina, I know your rl has you away. Everyone else, updates, girls! Updates! We miss you! We need Noble Women to smack around Noble Men! We need Shaer to build the manors, and blush all sorts of cuteness! Rachelle? Chicka, get back here. Bruno needs someone to gawk over and Mathias needs someone to dress him! Grace Stone, girlie, get back here and come show us who can beat Khagra! Emilia...come back so that Tomas will! Antonia...come make people kneel and treat you like a Queen. Ha ha. Gabrielle, more poetry offerings! Tamara....get back here so Marcus does, and so you can make men try to flatter you, girl!

    Grimclaw.....just get back here and stop worrying over your baby. Let the wife do that. You don't have to play with him/her till they're at least five years of age. Ha ha. Come on, man. Love ya.

    Kira....just....double-damn it...Get back here, and stop loving the new husband so much. We love you, too! Come kick some fur tushies! - snugs -

    Anyway. That's everyone for now. Feel free to add anyone I missed or scold me for ruining your sneakiness! - waves and dashes off -

    - Mischief on The Soapbox

    p.s. Someone in the ICO community is having a baby in real life. I can't say who...but god help their kid if it winds up addicted to ICO and robots, and dinosaurs. - waggles my brows and dodges - Say congrats! They might reveal who sooner or later.
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    - makes puppy eyes at Dio's typist -....Come on man. People are dying lately and you haven't done it.
    Indeed? Suprisingly I think Dio only ever killed two people...
    Hrm, of course Dio is -very- dead and as the other thread suggested I'm pondering away on ideas for plots.
    I've actually been throwing darts at Azrael all day so to speak, trying to contact him to see just how abbarent in appearance i'ld be able to be.

    Theres a few things bothering me still though, since I only really tend to play 1 character. Should I be male or female and what social status should I aim for? Those kinds of questions.
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      [insert snark here]
      OOC -- Doctor Hush says, "he eats blackholes"


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        Originally posted by Zeiss View Post
        Lets see who gets it...
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          MC: Check your PMs?


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            Originally posted by Dirt View Post
            Lets see who gets it...
            That snark looks like something for Gordon Freeman to deal with.

            But Free Men aren't really Faile's specialty.


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              *updates on some folk I didn't remember till I was walking out the door to work*

              Senora! Lennox! Niza! Dasha!

              Senora - You were on tonight but where the eff have you been?

              Lennox - Come egg people...

              Niza - No other artist will endure the acceptance of making nude art of Clover....without a keg of whiskey in them. Come back.

              Dasha -- Where's our wild child at? Get back here, darn it!

              Ian - The polar bear that eats Lutaran wannabe. Get back here or at least update me, doll.


              Dio - Hurry up. Pick a name. You go for an 'it' like Bastien, gender wise. - nods - I'll help you conspire if you just nudge me tomorrow.

              Zeiss - *gives a snarky look right back damn it*

              Faile - You live...kinda. - squish, squish -

              Marcus - Read. Replied to. Still love you.
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                More eunuchs! Yeah!

                *eyeshift* More miners, too!


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                  Update on Fenton' typist. I hope everyone sends some prayers him and his mom's way. I just spoke to him tonight. Things are sorta rough. I won't go into it though in detail. If things don't pick up, he'll be making a post of his own and until he knows what's going on, he won't be returning.

                  Send him some internet nerd love, people. Keep him in your prayers.
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                    Originally posted by M.C View Post
                    Niza - No other artist will endure the acceptance of making nude art of Clover....without a keg of whiskey in them. Come back.
                    Faile has seen a nude portrait of Eberhart. I don't think Clover even comes close to that.

                    Best hopes for Fenton's typist.


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                      Originally posted by M.C View Post
                      Lia......- sniffs - You're leaving us for mean. - smirks - Call me, doll. Good luck and congrats on life!
                      I'm not leaving -forever-, geez. Just for twelve days or so... and don't worry, I'll be back. I love you guys waaaaaaay too much to be gone any longer. Thanks for the well wishes, I'll send you photos or something. To everyone M.C. mentioned who hasn't been around in a while... come back! We miss yooooou! Come on, you know you can't resist the pull of the game. Come towards the light, and all that jazz. Who needs real life when you can have something even -better-: anthropomorphic renaissance-esque roleplaying! Ha ha, you know it's true.

                      Free virtual cookies to all returning players. Just as an added incentive.
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                        Faile -- Eww....Eberhard has a ....eww. Man I want to see it. - chuckles -

                        Glad to see you replied though, doll. I hope to see Faile around, sometime and hope you're doing well, too.

                        I'll pass on the well wishes to Fenton' typist. He'll appreciate them, quite a bit.

                        Lia -- You damn well better send me pictures. You can't be my girlfriend anymore if you don't. - teases - ....Ha ha. But like you said. Everyone else needs to come baaaaaaaack!
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                          Aww, send him my love, too...

                          Played with him once, found him adorable, completely.

                          Been wondering where he's hiding himself.

                          While you're dragging out long-lost-players... Drag that monkey... er... fox, Sang out again; he's hiding lately.

                          Hearts out to the foxes... Those foxes....

                          *hugs and kisses*

                          P.S. Miss you, Lia!


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                            Nuit --

                            I'll pass on the love to him, doll. He'll appreciate it more than you know. As for Sang, yep, he's a fox. I'll nudge his typist into getting on more. I know he's been busy with University, and having to travel back and forth from Scotland to South Africa. I'll jab him for you. He was actually around here the other day.
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                              Ah ha. Two people who were on my mind that I just remembered to post...

                              Teefs and March. ...where's my damn church folk? - chuckles - Yarwoodle? Where are you, too?

                              I miss Teefs....he tried to kick my Constable out of the Cathedral once...and a certain someone else, too. March fished with some of my early characters.....Yarwoodle I just couldn't keep up with. ^_^

                              I miss y'all.
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