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Gone and for good this time (well with one exception)

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  • Gone and for good this time (well with one exception)

    So I feel kinda hypocritical because I kinda defected to Old Republic along with many others (I play on Lord Adraas server for anyone interested), but I'm not entirely leaving because of Old Republic. There's a lot of other hobbies I'm focusing my money towards as well (SCA, D&D, etc.) and unless ICO becomes free I'm not coming back, so to all my friends out there my characters are still alive and around and I may drop in on occasion with them to take care of one thing or another, but pretty much like many others, it's just not worth paying for anymore because no one really tries to RP or have anything interesting happen. I'll still be on the threads if anyone wants to chat, and no you won't find me in LP because I quit that too (kinda got bored of it honestly >_>).

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    I was trying to get things going man. Thanks a lot for sticking with us this long. I may see you in SW, I just recently started but I can make a character on that server to play with you. Matteo's player
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      Awww man seriously? Well if ICO becomes free (or maybe even Old Republic becoming free...doubt that though) I may come back. Dang though it would have been awesome to play and RP with you in SW.