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  • Gone, baby gone

    Many of you might have noticed that the amount of time I've been spending in the game has dwindled quite a bit in the past month or so. The time has come for me to put the virtual world aside and focus on the real world. I won't say I'm leaving forever and ever since that has never proven to be true in the past, but I can't say when or if I'll be back either. I've decided to give up the majority of gaming and the internet, to unplug and better attend my physical health and the happiness of my family.

    I've made quite a few friends that I consider 'real' here and they know how to contact me if they want to. To everyone else, I've always enjoyed telling stories with people, back when the storytelling was the focal point of the game. If I interacted with you for any length of time on any of my characters, thank you for sharing bits and pieces of yourselves with me.

    I'll try to respond to all the scrolls I have on my character bodies at present and get things as wrapped up as I can before vanishing.

    Loves to you all,
    Storyguide Nyx, Brie, Xena, Cait, Ravenna

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    I'm so sorry to hear this. I wish you the best of luck on your RL endeavors (they always come first). You will be missed!


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      I'll miss you, what is Dash to do without the most sexy woman in the city! Now she can't steal Xena from Marcus!
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        Awww, sad to learn this. You were one of those who really, really, really did tons for ICO both in and out of character.


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          One of the best players and undoubtedly the best staff this game has had. Good bye, good luck, and best to you and yours.

          Ramsford teases you harmlessly, "I always seem to get in a dangerous situation when I'm around you."
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            Aww I'm so sad to see you going. I truly loved roleplaying with you on many of your characters and my gods are you awesome staff. But I understand rl first and I hope you make the most of your time away because when you return I'm going to pounce on you so hard.

            .... that sounded weird


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              Its so sad to see people go, especially when their such a great roleplayer-- Even more when their one of the best staff! Its been fun, and I'll try my... my best not to cry.... DON'T LOOK AT ME! I'm not crying its just... dust in my eyes, yeah dust...

              I only wish I had gotten a chance to rp with more of your characters more often. I wish you luck out in the RL world (I hear it can be pretty rough and scary). And look out for this Sun thing, whatever it is! I hear it can blind you...