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Becoming a constable

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  • Becoming a constable

    Is there anything about being a constable (besides the confidential case file contents and whatever scrolls are sent and received) that players should not know either IC or OOC?

    I'm talking procedures, using the @crime system especially from the POV of a constable character, and so on.

    is there a way any of that mechanics stuff could be posted publicly somewhere? Knowing the OOC paperwork in advance might help new recruits feel motive to join if they get the ooc details in advance.

    Then again, familiarizing yourself with the legal paperwork could well be a legitimate IC thing you learn through training as a constable.

    My opinion: If its just mechanics and not actual data, it would help to release the hows and whys.

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    The recruit time for constables is the time when IC and OOC work of constabulary work is learned. Recruit time is a month.

    It's part of the training to become a full Constable to be taught the robes, IC and OOC, and is a great reason to RP together.

    There's way too much ooc information involved for it to be posted, though most of it is already available on the forums one way or another (like under the testimony etc threads).

    As for game mechanics, only those who're actually constables (member of the guild) can do certain things in @crime. Like creating new cases, filing evidence etc. Ordinary players can't do that. And it's pretty quick to explain face to face how it works, especially for those who're already familiar with using the @crime system as a non-constable.

    So in short. Things are covered, IC and OOC, as part of the Constable training during the recruit period.
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      Would I be correct to say that the constabulary is a strict, military type organization that places high value on the chain of command and that constables have not much in the line of autonomy?


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        The Constabulary is like the modern police, though not 100% the same.

        The rest can be learned IG by talking to Constables. But their role is that of policemen obviously.
        For Crown and Constabulary,
        Acting Sheriff
        Sergeant Kegan



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