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!!! Summer Solstice STP Sale !!!

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  • !!! Summer Solstice STP Sale !!!

    Summer Solstice Storypoint Sale!!!

    We will be holding sales throughout the week, in celebration of the summer solstice.
    (And over all fun, because, let's face it, sales are like black Friday/Christmas in ICO.)

    The first sale will be held Wednesday at 9 pm est, for the first in-person sale at the Newtown Market Circle, during the time of the Tattoo career lottery.
    Please let the lottery take place first, before we begin making requests.

    Alterations will be done on a first arrived, first served basis.

    Please all have patience, and be kind to your staffers, and fellow players, or we will refuse to help you, until you show common courtesy.

    You may change the color of ONE item of mass production, per character (roll, bolt, rod, etc.) for 10 STPs.

    You must provide all items yourself that you wish to have altered.

    Simple color and material alterations will be offered at 5 stp per adjective change - (example - one color = 5 stps + one fabric type = 5 stps for a total of 10 even if it's the same item)

    Body modifications will be offered at staff discretion and only for specific staff chosen body parts at 15 stps per mod.

    No eye colors will be altered in accordance with previous game rules, and restrictions.

    No singular body parts that are usually pairs, or multiples. (For example: ears are acceptable, a single ear is not. And so on, and so forth with shoulders, hands, fingers, feet, etc.)

    - COLORS - (5 storypoints per color)

    Sunset sangria red

    Brilliant borealis hyacinth

    Bronzed bisque

    Monarch orange

    Dewdrop violet

    Auroral twilight

    Silver-strewn misty grey

    Copper-veined jade

    Moonlit tidal-teal

    Deadly nightshade

    - FABRICS - (5 storypoints per fabric)

    Millefleur lace - French for thousand flowers. A flower-studded pattern with naturalistically depicted flowers, originally used on medieval pictorial tapestries

    Cordovan – Soft goat (in this case we’re going to say lizard skin for IC purposes) skin

    Paisley - Soft wool fabric with ornamental pattern

    Percaline - Glossy lightweight cotton

    Lawn - Fine sheer plain-woven cotton or linen

    As always, enjoy, and have a blast!

    ~ Cosmy

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    I will be around for a little while tonight, otherwise please feel free to send me your things in a package with your choices clearly written on a scroll.



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      Sale on chins and cheeks for 15 stp per adjective at Market Circle in Newtown at 7:30 pm PST! Be there, or be chinless!!! ~ Cosmy


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        Last day to send in your items for modifications!!