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Damned Savages! (Also: Thank you, Staffers!)

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  • Damned Savages! (Also: Thank you, Staffers!)

    Just tickled a bit after the creation of my new favorite alt, Shiva, an African wild dog, decided to practice her unarmed combat skills on a tame sapphire dray in the meadow, missed on her first swing at the dray, and became perma-stuck in combat with the quiet animal. (I figure, she was so mesmerized by the creature after trying to attack it that she fell in love entirely and couldn't move... *smirk*)

    You cannot break from combat while you are being attacked. You are currently being targeted by: a tamed three-legged sapphire wild dray
    You cannot leave a capacious meadow while in combat.
    You can attempt to 'breakcombat' to end the fight. Or you can defeat or be defeated by your opponents.
    You are no longer guarding.
    What action do you want to take? You have 2 actions remaining.
    @A - Sneak attack nothing
    @B - Aim at nothing
    @C - Attack nothing
    @D - Guard yourself

    StoryGoddess Eos covers the area in a flutter of delicate soft white downs as she suddenly appears.

    You tell StoryGoddess Eos, "Hi! Thanks for popping in so quickly. "

    A tamed three-legged sapphire wild dray stops targeting you.

    StoryGoddess Eos asks, "Who attacks tame animals anway?"

    You shift your sharp sepia eyes, "A savage..."

    You consider yourself savagely.

    You growl helpfully to StoryGoddess Eos.

    StoryGoddess Eos asks, "You're free again?"

    You grin at StoryGoddess Eos, "Thanks!"

    StoryGoddess Eos waves, "Have fun."

    StoryGoddess Eos leaves suddenly, only a few soft white downs show that she was even here.

    What a lucky savage, to both fall in love for the first time AND to be graced with the presence of a Goddess, all in the same morning!

    (Thanks Eos, and all the other staff who make the game fun and possible! xox, Merry everything and happy always!)
    Until the End of Love,


    ...And then, love ended; and then, night left.

    Bonsoir, mes amis, mes amours.