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  • Thanks for the RP

    I just wanna give out some kudos to the people I've had the pleasure of RPing with for the past couple of weeks, and to those that showed up today for Callais' squiring (though I had to be kinda afk-ish for the end, sorry about that). Keep the good times coming!

    Hope the game keeps picking up the pace so we can have more fun scenes in the future, with more people.

    - Cal's P.

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    Thank you for being such a good sport about the whole vigil and ceremony and the way you played your role in making a real ceremony and make your squiring something special.
    Thanks a bunch. I look forward to the day I can do the knighting ceremony for you.
    Dame Dasha di Silvi

    Brigadier of the Royal Rinaldi Army.

    Founder of di Silvi Academy