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    Hi everyone,

    I'm happy to see that so many enjoyed the ghost plot and that it garnered roleplaying, socializing and stuff to log on. Heck, I even saw the busiest hotspot in months during the finale yesterday.
    I'd like to give credit to the ghost's handler, who's a player who had the idea for the plot, mailed me and got to play the role of the ghost after we together had figured out what needed to be done, and I set up everything necessary for it to run.

    Now, I've had feedback from some people about what they liked about it. Now I'd like to hear back from others.

    What made this plot fun for you to be part of? What aspects did you enjoy?
    And on the other note, what do you feel could be improved?

    We're going to be running more tiny-plots like this, short, simple (mostly to set up and build), and something that's easy to run for a non-staff, that doesn't have a huge impact on the game, but adds spice and fun. So I'd love to see input on what sort of tiny-plots that appeals to you and you find enjoyable. We'll of course try to mix things up and have different types of tiny-plots that suits a wide range of players and characters, so all have a chance to have fun.

    If you've got ideas or are interested in playing a tiny plot like this, feel free to assist and let me know. I'll likely ask you to mail me and we'll mail forth and back discussing details and setting things up if it's a good tiny-plot idea you have.

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