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  • Size of Things Update

    Attention: I am currently in the progress of an update to the sizes of some things.

    The most noticeable change right now is that packages have been vastly reduced in size. No longer should these be your go to container for storing everything. If you need to ship something large like a desk or table you should be shipping these things in crates. The good news is that gift boxes have received a size increase. They are now the same size as a normal package. Hopefully gone are the days where you purchase your friend an outfit but can't fit the whole thing into a nice gift box.

    If you have something that you can't put in a package but feel it should still logically be able to fit file an @assist attention to me and I will get to it quickly.

    What counts as logical though? Here are some examples (but not limited to):
    • A full outfit (perhaps even multiple outfits but not an outfit for every day in the month)
    • A weapon or two (But not the entire Rinaldi Armory)
    • A few books (But not an entire library of books)
    • Some small stone goods (But not a huge statue)
    • Some tools of your trade (But not an entire workshop)
    I know that this might worry some people. Inventory management isn't what most people sign onto this game for. Just hang tight though. This is an update that is still a work in progress, but I wanted to give everyone a fair heads up as this specific part of it might affect some people already.

    Last note, if you have something you need to ship and you can't fit it in a Huge Crate let me know with an an @assist attention to me. Most things though shouldn't require being shipped in a huge crate. The main trouble makers will be other containers like wardrobes and bookshelves (don't worry though, I already checked both of those).

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    Last night was bad news for some of you. Tonight is good news if you like using the display cases in the market. Their size has been adjusted. Likewise so have player display cases. They aren't as big as the trade display cases, but they are still bigger now.