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Freeform Engravings and Embroideries

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  • Freeform Engravings and Embroideries

    You can now do freeform engravings and embroideries without staff involvement!

    You can still do embroideries the old way where you have a list of options based on your skill (embroider my shirt 'pineapples'). To submit a custom embroidery, the syntax is: embroider my shirt 'custom' which will display a popup, then just follow the onscreen instructions.

    Engravings work the same way except there currently isn't a database of pre-existing options (one may be added in the future but no guarantees). Syntax: engrave my plate 'custom'

    Freeform submissions will charge your character 10 personal trade tokens. Trade tokens can be obtained from your guild.

    Like with paintings, we expect the following rules to be followed:
    1. Submissions can have magical/supernatural themes but cannot be magical/supernatural themselves (ie. a painting of a figure that moves around the canvas).
    2. Vulgar/sexually explicit material is forbidden--if the content is not acceptable for a minor, do not submit it! When in doubt, contact staff.
    3. Avoid phrasing that forces the viewer to think or feel a certain way (ie 'this painting is so beautiful you can't help but cry').
    4. Do not reference details of the canvas that do not actually exist, such as a frame.
    5. I understand if I violate these rules, access to this command will be revoked.
    All submissions will get filed in a queue and if we find any of the above rules to be broken, the object will be taken away. In the event we find a player continuously violating the rules, we will revoke access to the command.

    I expect there to be bugs and there to be errors about something not being engravable due to the fact that many objects were not set up properly. If you run into one of these objects, file an assist and I'll fix it asap.

    If there are any questions or clarification is needed, please post below!

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    What does engraving apply to? Carpentry, stonemason, or jewelry?


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      Eep! I missed this question because of the spam.

      Carpenters, stonemasons, and jewelers can all use the engraving command.


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        Engraving & Embossing would also be great for armor (metal & leather) and weapons, not sure how easy it would be to transcribe the code for that?