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Forums flodding with spam, and deleted posts

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  • Forums flodding with spam, and deleted posts

    The forums are currently overflowing with spam attacks and I'm at least once a day going through it all (this morning it was 3 pages worth of spam!) and deleting it.
    I read the title and look at the user name as my guides as there's so much spam, that I can't check each post individually every time.

    So, if you find a post of yours that's gone missing, let me know and I'll bring it back.

    To avoid that from happening, use user-names that's your character's name if you make a new account. The older names I can recognize and leave be. Also, make the title one that's relevant for the forum it's in and I'll normally recognize that it's a legit post.

    To sum up. I'm deleting a s***load of spam these days, and as I'm only human, I may make mistakes. This is no attack against you, just send me a PM via the forums and I'll undelete the post.

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    It also helps if you have a forum avatar, as the bots don't bother to upload avatar pictures. Over in Marrach's forums I delete a good 30 to 40 a day, usually just by skimming and checking for deletion any posts that have a weird forum name and no forum avatar. I believe Shannon's looking into better methods of combating the recent forum spam.

    Happy hunting.
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