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  • North Gate Now Open

    I'm happy to announce that the North Gate has been opened on a trial basis. If all goes well, it will remain open. For those who don't know, the North Gate will take you out of the city into a wilderness area between Triskellian and Three Corners. As with any adventure, you must consent to possible death before leaving the city.

    Just like before when we required token payments for adventures, there will be costs associated with leaving the city. Toll gate tickets must be purchased when leaving the city and also when returning to the city. This will remain the case when we open up other cities for travel (Three Corners access coming soon). Toll booths will be available on either side of the gate with merchants who will collect your tickets as you pass through. The toll cost for entering the Triskellian/Three Corners route is 50 denarii (or 25 trade tokens). The toll cost for entering (returning to) Triskellian is 50 denarii (or 25 trade tokens). So you are looking at a total of 100 denarii (or 50 trade tokens) per person for a trip to the wilderness.

    Travel Time
    Once you pass through a toll point, you will not be able to pass back through for 24 real life hours. You will also not be able to travel through any other toll point until 24 hours have passed. This is meant to represent the time it would take for your character to travel.

    You will encounter a few NPCs in your travels. Some dangerous and some not so dangerous (there is action to be found for good guys and bad guys alike). Choose your battles wisely.

    This is just the beginning of what we hope to accomplish with the area.
    Have fun exploring. Feedback is welcome.

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    Three Corners is now accessible through the North Gate. You will have to travel through the wilderness to get there. I've also released more huntable creatures into the wilderness.


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      Hopefully it stays Three Corners.

      I might have to call it Three Coroners if it gets too dangerous.