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  • Suggestion: OOC lobby

    One thing I found quite helpful in TEC was the presence of an OOC lobby area where you could hang out and just...take a break without wearing the proverbial costume. One thing I enjoyed in particular was having a quiet place "off camera" so to speak where I could quietly read the documentation. This includes in game helpfiles, which I noticed were on ICO's own todo list.

    I'd also like to be able to enjoy a place of disconnected solitude, off the @who list, not having to park an OOC character, and hopefully without first occupying an actual character slot.

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    I couldn't more verhmently disagree with you. All an OOC lobby will do is deplete any RP further as people 'hang out' in an OOC area to simply talk.

    There is @chat for OOC discussion, which is nice, as it can be turned off by people that want to opt out of the conversation. There is also of course @msg for conversing with just one player, or a third party platform such as skype/whatsapp/what ever to simply talk to people on a purely OOC basis and take a break.
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      Just to be clear I'm glad you spoke up fips. Even if your opinion directly opposes mine.

      I think there should be more open discussions about things like this.