Multiple Downtimes for All Games [Phase 1 Done]

Unfortunately, the whole computing world is facing a major crisis right now thanks to Intel and other major processors missing critical security flaws in their architecture. As a result, our ISP is doing a set of emergency updates to all of their hardware. We are getting about a day's notice on this, and we're told that they're going to need to patch each machine multiple times, which very inconveniently means multiple downtimes.

At this point, all of the Phase 1 Maintenance is Done, and we're awaiting word from our ISP on when Phase 2 will begin. We'll post a new announcement when it does.
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  • Missing thread?

    SC Roo made a post here recently asking for lists of things that should be documented in the help files. I can't find that thread, did it get nuked by mistake by an errant butt-mod or a forum glitch?