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Suggestion: how to handle permadeath

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  • Suggestion: how to handle permadeath

    I just thought of a way that permadeath could be handled in a believable way consistent with the theme, but without depriving the victim of consent.

    1. Whoever wishes to RP out an action that would render the body of the victim unresurrectable files an assist, and in so doing sets up the basic details of how they plan to do it. Be this chucking the body into a bonfire, tying a rock around the corpse and chucking it into the ocean, or simply sacrificing it to the appetite of a cannibal or a predatory monster, basically, enough detail that it's understandable what put the body into an unresurrectable state. The assist step could well be skipped if staff themselves are the ones taking the initiative to seek a permadeath.

    2. Upon receipt of the assist, the staff handling the assist in question reviews the proposed method of permadeath and uses their discretion as staff to make a judgement call, based on theme and setting issues that they may well be pulling out of the source material. If they judge the proposed disposal process as insufficient to induce permadeath, then they are informed such and granted leave to handle the body normally, and they won't need to bother the player of the victim, who is probably going to either be offline or stuck babysitting their character's ghost in the afterlife.

    3. If the proposal is deemed sufficient to induce permadeath, contact is made via page/assist to the player of the deceased, seeking consent for permadeath, and optionally providing whatever details the staff sees fit. Since the staff has already evaluated the plot viability of a permadeath, the deceased player won't need to do anything in the line of research to make the decision and can simply give a thumbs up or down. If consent has already been implied, this part can be skipped. Particularly if the proposed method of death is past the point where the player in question has already been given their "loud clear warning" about the risk of permadeath and staff judges that the character's luck has run out, so to speak, or if the player in question has already given consent for the permadeath in question.

    4. If the player consents, the staff responds to the assist granting permission to proceed in the manner agreed in the assist, and if/when the prevention of revival is accomplished, the staff is assisted again to handle the completion. The staff in question will verify compliance with the plot worthiness, and if everything is in order the character's fate will be sealed, and along with a possible flag on the body that will be checked by the resurrection code, the player in question will then be informed that their character has been removed from revival and that the permadeath is official. Should player consent be denied, the player who sought to secure the permadeath of the character in question will be informed of consent denial and advised to proceed accordingly.

    Issues I hope this process will address:
    1. Allowing the victim to consent to the permadeath in a way tha tcooperates with the RP wishes of the killer
    2. Allowing a staff to mediate the process to enforce, if desired, plot worthiness of the means used by the killer to ensure nonresurrection of the body
    3. Allowing the staff, if necessary, to serve as a veil of sorts to allow the victim to have input on the process without requiring exposure to plot details that their ghost would not be in a position to witness and therefore avoid information leakage
    4. Taking care of OOC scheduling conflicts that could prevent the killer and killee from properly coordinating. Like if someone ICly wishes to obstruct a resurrection but cannot make contact with the victm's player. There could be juicy plot reasons where someone might want to capture a body and either dispose of it outright and prevent revival, or if they might want to hold the corpse hostage for ransom or whatever, and the victim's player may well wish to cooperate with such plot developments in a way that doesn't require them to be present in advance, or require them to be made privy to plot details that they shouldn't be exposed to on account of their being stuck in the afterlife.

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    For added information, what I'd like is for a way to consent to death, and consent to the risk of permadeath, as separate issues.

    I want a player to be able to say "if game mechanics get me killed, I want to be able to consent to a risk of not coming back, without having to set it in stone until it comes up in play", and to allow plot devices to make the actual decision for them and defer their potential permadeath to in-game events.