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Wedding to be Postponed due to RL

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  • Wedding to be Postponed due to RL

    Due to health problems, I will not be able to do the wedding on March 16th. Can we postpone it until March 29? Same day of the week, same time, just a little later in the month than expected.

    I especially need input from Sanu's player (duh!) and Ayrielle's player. I'd also like to hear from Barek and Roofus. Can we do this please? I can't put my game life before my real life and I really need to tend to my health (i.e.- need to go into the hospital). Please let me know what y'all think of the new date, can you do it, etc. I really hope it's acceptable.

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    I can definitely do that! Just take care of yourself and know that you are in my prayers. I hope you feel better soon!


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      Sorry to hear you're having health problems Definitely get those taken care of priority!

      Also sorry I haven't been around, been having some issues of my own. I can make the 29th as well, so we can plan on that and you can get rl things all taken care of!


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        Sorry to hear that, hope you are feeling better soon

        We can definitely rearrange. I don't think I have anything planned for the 29th. I have no idea what time we agreed on though


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          That is fine! But due to some scheduling issues, if I can not be on personally, can you pull up some npc muscians that would be sent to them by Ey?