SkotOS Downtown: Wednesday, 11am-1pm PT

I am scheduling a downtime for all SkotOS machines from 11am-1pm PT on Wednesday.
  • Marrach will be going down to upgrade its Operating System
  • Lazarus (and Lovecraft) will be going down to upgrade its Operating System
  • Ironclaw will (hopefully) be going down to tune its performance
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Wedding to be Postponed due to RL

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  • Wedding to be Postponed due to RL

    Due to health problems, I will not be able to do the wedding on March 16th. Can we postpone it until March 29? Same day of the week, same time, just a little later in the month than expected.

    I especially need input from Sanu's player (duh!) and Ayrielle's player. I'd also like to hear from Barek and Roofus. Can we do this please? I can't put my game life before my real life and I really need to tend to my health (i.e.- need to go into the hospital). Please let me know what y'all think of the new date, can you do it, etc. I really hope it's acceptable.

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    I can definitely do that! Just take care of yourself and know that you are in my prayers. I hope you feel better soon!


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      Sorry to hear you're having health problems Definitely get those taken care of priority!

      Also sorry I haven't been around, been having some issues of my own. I can make the 29th as well, so we can plan on that and you can get rl things all taken care of!


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        Sorry to hear that, hope you are feeling better soon

        We can definitely rearrange. I don't think I have anything planned for the 29th. I have no idea what time we agreed on though


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          That is fine! But due to some scheduling issues, if I can not be on personally, can you pull up some npc muscians that would be sent to them by Ey?


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            So, I'm back and so glad to see everyone is okay with the new date. Sanu, the time we agreed on was 10am.

            This Thursday it'll be. Barek will you be able to be there?


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              Sorry I missed the 29th wedding date. I ended up back in the the hospital with a nasty virus. At first, they thought it was pneumonia, but it turned out just to be a really nasty virus. My husband caught it too, though he didn't end up in the hospital. Anyway, please let's do this one last time. Third times a charm? Can we agree to next Thursday at 10am? I ope we can get together again and get this wedding done! I know it's all my fault that it hasn't happened yet, but I feel good about next Thurrsday.