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Are constables required to file charges if asked ICly?

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  • Are constables required to file charges if asked ICly?

    I remember in the past that if a constable is asked to file charges against someone, they are obligated to, even if they know the charge is bogus.

    This was explained to me in the past, and also was the content of one of the in-game @tip messages.

    In the interests of knowing the current policy going forward and to avoid any further this still the case and is there anything I should generally know?

    My impression, based on a recent page, is that things may well have changed. Given the presence of a @tip, I also wanted to bring this up publicly for the benefit of other players.

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    I think constables are still required since as far as I know and can see, they're the only people who can open cases / investigations.

    "A large part of playing a Constable is filing evidence and knowing how to determine the severity of evidence presented to you by other player characters. Filing evidence in the @crime system is a tricky matter, as only Constables can file evidence and it must be filed without IC bias or influence. If you want to use IC influence and bias, you can do that through your own testimonies and opinions. Also include evidence that the person *didn't* commit the crimes if it's presented.

    It is NOT evidence if someone says they saw a thing happen, or heard it. These are subjective observations and opinions and belong under testimonies. Seeing a crime is not evidence of the crime, not even if it's a Constable who saw it occur." from the @help constable topic. Still not certain, probably best and safe to fill in the charge / crime and then simply investigate it to see if it's true or not.
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