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Community Meeting - Player Plots and Conflict

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  • Community Meeting - Player Plots and Conflict

    On Tuesday at 9 pm EST, we will be hosting a community meeting to discuss the topic of player plots, conflict and what you can do to progress story as a player in ICO. This will be held in the Grand Pavilion in Market Circle.

    We will have Q and As, lists of what you can do, explanations of how staff can support you, suggestions on how to initiate and deal with conflict and what these things can do to improve your enjoyment of the game.

    If you are unable to attend but have something you wish to add, you can assist or send me a scroll or email. We will post the log of the meeting on the forums afterward for everyone to reference.

    We will also also add reference posts to the forum and to the help file pop up so that the information is available for everyone to access.

    We look forward to seeing you all!!


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    Reminder, this is tonight!!



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