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    StoryGuide Athos and StoryGuide Nonni are pleased to announce their inaugural

    StoryGuide StoryHour

    Sunday, 27 October, 4:00 P.M., Eastern

    We plan to hold these meetings monthly, and while this may not always be the day and time, it seems like a good place to start. We have a broad range of time zones to accommodate, from the Pacific Islands to Great Britain, and while we know we cannot make the meeting time great for everyone, this seems to be a good compromise. We will see how it goes, and move forward from there.

    An outline will be published prior to each meeting. Our intent is that we will present information on some aspect of the game, whether it be background, an in-game system, or info on changes that are coming. Time will always be given for feedback and questions from the players who attend. If you are not able to attend, we will post a condensed log, or at least hit the highlights.


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    Looking forward to this and meeting the new staffers!

    Edit: New to -me- staffers lol
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      One small issue:

      Sunday, 27 October, 4:00 P.M., Eastern

      According to my calendar, Sunday is 28th, so please confirm if Sunday 28th or Saturday 27th ^^