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    It is a understood that there are not always going to be folks on to RP with however there has a been a slight uptick in folks that are idling in public spaces of late. I took a look at the who list and locations of folks earlier this week below are the details. Granted this was not the most active hour but the issue does exist during the high traffic times as well.

    1 character in the west commons: ...
    1 character in a cul-de-sac: ...
    1 character in the north portion of Market Circle: ...
    1 character in the corner of Peaceful Way and Market Street: ...
    1 character in Athos' Office: You[P]

    ... [...] has been idle for 03m 07s.
    ... [...] has been idle for 31m 15s.
    ... [...] has been idle for 02h 42m 15s.
    ... [...] has been idle for 04h 22m 40s.

    I think we are all guilty, I know I am, of sometimes going idle for extended periods. I would ask that if you think you are going to be away from the game for an extended period (IE: Long enough that you know you are idling) that you put your chatter 'away' so that an idle body does not potentially interfere with folks that are trying to RP in the space you are in.

    Emergencies happen, we get it.... but if you have the opportunity, please put your chatters in a non-public location.


    SG Athos

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    And if you're waiting for others, @Keep alive can help keep you off the idle list!

    Also, @away is kinda strange. In my experience it stops you from gaining learning points, which I know is why some of us idle.


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      As a note, @keepalive does not prevent you from going idle. Keepalive only functions to keep your screen from timing out or booting you from the system. Idleness checks for input from the player, so checking The Who is advisable when you are looking to keep your chatter from falling idle.

      I will bump the other threads regarding this as well, given the number of new and returning players that have popped up!

      XO ~Tops


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        Huh. when I was sitting waiting for someone in murrica to wake up and show during my unnatural EU time, was trying not to use who more than once per 30-45 minutes to avoid spamming...


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          Idling in public can also have IC repercussions depending on who encounters your chatter body.
          Crocifisso Donato Corvasci


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            I remember an incident way back when that someone idling in the commons had hair growth potion poured on their tongue. That was funny.
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              I recently painted someone's nails. Fair warning!


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                The great fur dye fiasco comes to mind
                Crocifisso Donato Corvasci


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                  Originally posted by Dread View Post
                  The great fur dye fiasco comes to mind
                  Retaliation for this sort of thing is also a consideration.

                  My victim chose to retaliate by murdering me in front of several witnesses. I spent a few days in the afterlife after that.

                  Yes, charges were filed.


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                    Anyhow, idle in your room, because assassins.

                    -If you idle in the middle of rp, especially an event, you should go ahead and take my ditching you as "it never happened" and "I was never there" because Im sick of this , seriously
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                      Bumping this thread as I've been seeing this a lot lately.
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