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    Hello folks,
    I don’t have internet at home right now, though I do have MuDRammer on my phone and cellular data. However, when I put in, port 443, it connected but wouldn’t accept my username. It said that user doesn’t exist. I checked my account on the website and it’s fine. Am I doing something wrong?? I really want to be able to play etween now and the first, even if it’s on the phone.
    See you guys soon,
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    I think this has to do with mud rammer's option for special characters, but I'm not certain. Try the following...

    Step one, go to your iOS settings app, the one with the gear symbol.

    Step two, scroll down and click on the 'General' folder.

    Step three, scroll down until you see the 'Keyboard' folder. Click on that. You will see a lot of options.

    Step four, turn 'Smart Punctuation' to 'OFF'. The reason this affects your MUDrammer client is because Smart Punctuation uses special quotation marks which are not in the character set supported by the client. Disabling Smart Punctuation will revert your quotation marks to the regular ones, and thus also make apostrophes behave normally again.


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      I'm also assuming your post has a typo. You wrote "ironcaw" (no L) here so maybe double check that.


      You account first, then account password.

      I suggest blowtorch too. Or mudlet but mudlet is pretty bare bones.


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        Yeah, smart punctuation can be really tricky. I also suggest PocketMUD, that's the app that I use. It's fairly bare-bones, no map or pop ups or anything but it gets the job done. I've had no issues on it other than the smart punctuation when I first used it on my current iPhone.

        -Val's P


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          WWWell,, i caan't geet MUDRammer to wworkk, Butt pocketmUD works...the only thing is that it doesn't read the lines out loud for me with I can't play, though i can check mail and such. So if you see me online, eel free to chat to me but don't expect rp until Thursday, unless i decide to go to the library again...might do that today, though.

          peace to all,


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            Ahoy! I wrote MUDRammer.

            When you connect to a game, MUDRammer sends telnet options to negotiate with the server your terminal type, suppress-go-ahead, and other bits that should be invisible to the user.

            However, if the server does not support telnet options, then the server will likely misinterpret them as text that the user typed, and that will interfere with the next command you send -- in this case, your username.

            Ideally, your server should advance to the 1980s and get with the program already on telnet options. ;-)

            You can also disable this functionality in MUDRammer as well - set MUDRammer Settings → Advanced → Simple Telnet Mode ON, then try connecting again.



            Debug Information

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