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    We recently made some changes to a few commands and systems in preparation for the upcoming game. These changes shouldn't affect your characters too much but if they do cause problems, please let me know.

    Eating, drinking, hunger, and poisons
    To support the presence of a poison system, a hunger system has been implemented (it would be too easy to avoid being poisoned by simply never eating or drinking anything). Eating and drinking commands have also been updated to apply poisons and other effects if they are present, although these effects won't be present in the Ironclaw world. Again, Ironclaw characters shouldn't be affected except for an occasional "You are hungry" message, which should go away after eating or logging back in. Food and drinks won't be the only method to apply poisons but it's good to have options.

    Support for two-handed wielding and dual-wielding has been added. This is cosmetic only and doesn't affect current combat. A swap command has also been added too to move one-handed weapons between you main and off hands.

    Scan and fight commands (ranged combat)
    The scan command has been updated to allow for scanning of further distances. The distance you can scan will be based on the perception trait (which is not implemented in the Ironclaw world).

    Level 1) Perception <= 4: allows you to see adjacent rooms (everyone will still get a return on adjacent rooms)
    Level 2) Perception > 4 <= 8: allows you to see two rooms away
    Level 3) Perception > 8: allows you to see three rooms away

    Think of the field of view as cone shaped. If I scan east and my perception is greater than 8 then it will return targets in the east room (level 1); rooms to the northeast, east, and southeast of the level 1 room (level 2); and rooms to the northeast, east, and southeast of the level 2 rooms (level 3). No targets will be returned if a room is dark, and characters who are sneaking will not be revealed. When scanning inside locations, you will not be able to see further than one room away.

    These changes were made to support ranged combat (which is not yet implemented in the Ironclaw world) and so a 10 second delay has been added. For those 10 seconds, any target you pick up with the scan command can be engaged in combat as long as you are wielding a ranged weapon. For now, ranged weapons will include bows and guns but in the future, we'll add functionality to throwing knives, darts, spears, etc.

    Due to the challenge of trying to target someone who is not the room with you, the fight command has also been updated. Hopefully you will see no change on your end but if you do run into any problems, please let me know.

    Some locations will be overhauled or removed completely as we transition places over to the new world. We will make every effort to not disrupt your roleplay too much but as we draw closer to release date, some disruptions will be unavoidable. Since we can't completely remove access Inns/embassies/residences, we have to overhaul those buildings while you live in them, and that means removing rooms/adding rooms/and removing some props that are a part of building. Personal belongings will NOT be removed and if you note anything missing, let us know. A storyline has been introduced to give an in-character explanation as to why shops have been closing down.


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