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    First of all, I want to apologize that the logs from the two meetings we had regarding Allegory of Empires were not posted. I could have sworn I did but it was a huge oversight on my part. I'm sorry for that and the logs can be found here:

    As we grower closer to release date (currently scheduled for Nov 1st), we are scrambling to finish up a mountain of work which includes preparing a player guide that we plan to make available prior to release. If you have any questions or confusion, please reach out to us. Some questions we may not have final answers for but we are certainly open to conversations.

    I think the biggest question that is being asked is "what will happen to existing characters?" The short answer is you'll have an option to keep your character and possessions as you'll go through a modified version of character generation. You'll be able to choose your appearance, attributes, and you'll be given full refunds on learning points that you'll be able to distribute to the skills of your choice. You will keep your private room and anything inside of it. Storypoint purchases that don't make sense (ie. stp animal races) will be refunded upon your request. Guilds will also remain intact.

    The second biggest question is regarding lore. This is still being fleshed out and we'd prefer to share the final draft when it's complete. What I can tell you is that most of the VP guilds will have an Allegory counterpart, so they will still be there but renamed. The constabulary will be revamped and the Sailors Guild will be removed (it is worth noting that the removal of the Sailors Guild will open up an opportunity for player made sailor/trade guilds to compete for positions of power).

    Regarding pricing structure post Skotos split-up, we don't have the final structure but the pricing will be more enticing with a free to play option available.

    Again, please reach out if you have further questions, or if you just want a preview of the new world. We still have a lot of work to finish up before next month but we're happy to stop what we're doing to tend to your questions and attempt to make this transition as stress-free as we can.


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