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Want to hire some teaching NPCs?

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  • Want to hire some teaching NPCs?

    Hi guys,

    We've got to the point where we're ready to test teaching NPCs. Unfortunately, the NPCs have to be set up by hand.

    So... If you want to hire an NPC to teach you that elusive skill... you can now do it.

    How to hire an NPC teacher in X easy steps:

    1. NPCs can only be hired by guilds. A "guild" could be anything from one of the noble houses, to your personal business, or family group. If you aren't in a guild, then you will have to create one before you can hire an NPC teacher. Contact the staff to have a guild set up for you.

    2. Only the person in charge of the guild (the one with the guild ring) can hire the NPC. If you aren't in charge of your guild, convince your guild leader to hire the NPC.

    3. NPCs cost 30-60 denarii to hire initially, and then have a daily wage. Usually the wage is 1 denar a day per skill that they teach (so if they teach 3 skills, it will cost 3 denarii a day) - this money is taken directly from the guild kitty. If the guild doesn't have enough money to pay the wage, the NPC will leave.

    4. A staff member must be contacted to set up the teacher. You will pay them the up-front fee, and the NPC will be set to belong to your guild.

    5. You will be able to give orders directly to the NPC, to make them follow you, etc. - so you could put a metalsmith teaching NPC into the blacksmith shop. You can also give orders to tell the NPC what skills to teach, whether to teach only to guild members etc.

    6. If your NPC isn't charging enough money from the lessons to make a profit, don't forget to have guild members visit the bank and @donate money to the guild. Otherwise, if you can't pay the wages, the NPC will leave.


    Hope this setup works for you guys. Obviously, we intend to have this automated at some point so you can hire the teachers without staff intervention. This is just the first "wave" of testing.

    Right now, it's probably best to get me (Azrael) to set up the guilds/teachers, until the initial bugs are worked out.
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    Also please note:
    Lessons from NPCs happen extremely quickly (not much fun roleplaying with an NPC) but cost more learning points than a lesson from a normal player.

    So there's a lot of incentive to train up one character in the guild using the NPC, and then train the other characters from that PC. This is, after all, a social game, too.
    Woah, TonyD's like Roadstrom on crack. - Andrew's Ghost

    I mean, how hilarious isn't the thought of a guard who gets off on animalistic behavior? - Kalle


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      Not sure on rules for this, but I would think only high level classes can "train" others. That being said, the characters had to be taught themselves. So they could 1) send the NPCs off to be trained 2) hire teachers to come to the city 3) establish a college/training facility in the town.
      I would avoid the PCs becoming trainers
      myloweslife, unless they want to roll new characters as it would take a long time to train someone.
      But that's just my thoughts on the matter.

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