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  • ~ Welcome Thread ~

    ~ Welcome Thread ~

    So, as we know, this poor little forum don't have no welcome thread and I'm sitting here saying, "Why don't we have a welcome thread? One that we can turn to to write down our most gruesome stories, if you will, but really just one where we can say as much about who we are as we like and basically introduce ourselves to Ironclaw and it's players and characters."

    So, yeah, a little about me... I get really awkward when it comes to introducing myself so I think I will start with my name (not my real name, I think I'll leave that part out). I am Demeter from ICO. There we go, now I suppose that wasn't too hard... Maybe... And my age? I think you will just have to find out my age IC and, please, no just asking me randomly because you saw it in a thread once.


    Welcome Thread!!!


    "Use me! Use me! Use me! I wanna feel loved! I feel so alone... and sad... and did I mention alone? Poor little Welcome Thread..."

    P.S: I'm the one that likes to make everything colourful!

    ~ Demeter ~

    Druantia sen Myrna, of the Tauth na Oirthir.

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    Hi then!

    I'm Lachlan, I'm from Australia, and I play Lyam, Danae and Geradan.

    I'm in my (hopefully) final year of uni.

    Think we could make this thread sticky?


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      Hi too!

      I'm Felicity, also from Australia.

      I have 2 years and ten weeks left of Uni. Yay for countdowns

      and I play Naomi and Danni.



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        Ello, wont bother with name and age....what can i say, im lazy.

        ICO i have three chars, one being Arthur.
        Im just a troublemaker from Australia.


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          This thread seriously needs some people to post that are not from Australia.

          I have already posted an intro thread for Pres, but I thought to add a little more detail, and also support Demeter's idea. Well, I play Prestimion and Kanu in Ironclaw. As far as Skotos games go, I also play Lovecraft Country frequently and have dabbled very slightly in Castle Marrach. Otherwise, I love all types of games: board games, PC games, puzzles, outdoor games, sport etc etc.

          Finished all my uni - I now work full time for a financial institution as an IT Security Consultant.

          btw - I am from Australia


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            Playing Leah and some others on and off.
            Situated in central Europe (CET).
            Nearing my 5 years anniversery playing on Skotos.
            I'm more than 30 years old.

            Love to play the political/intrigue game with rivalving guilds and houses and so on plus the whole trading aspect and how that can turn political.

            Nuf said.
            Reeve of the fair City of Triskellian, seat of the Rinaldi


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              Hiya! *waves quickly*

              I'm from Scotland, and I play Gemma!

              My obsession with Ironclaw means I'm normally on it every spare second I have. But, you know...

              I look forward to irritating you and your characters even more than I have done already!

              Peace out! x
              - - -
              You're in docktown. If you want respect you should be in Newtown.
              Presbyter Ximen pauses as he can't quite think of something to be angry at you for but by S'allumer does he want to be angry with you.


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                Hiii!!! My name is Bob and I play Avery! Gemma's my long lost sister and I'm with the Koreans!
                In the end, when all is said and done, the shadow of the day will embrace the world in grey. The sun will rise again for you someday, but today, let the world stay grey. We're forever marching, forever fighting. For one night, let the world stay grey. I promise one day the sun shall rise again... just for you.


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                  Hello, I'm generally referred to as Stu. I play Venion, I have no alts, honestly.
                  I live some metres away from Gemma's player and I -did- have Venion length hair. Then I was attacked by alien sheep. Wait, no that bit didn't happen.


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                    Hey, Hey!

                    I'm Morwen... Possibly! I live very near Dio's player, Venion's player and Gemma's player! Which generally means around Selkirk in the Scottish Borders! So, I'm Scottish, mostly, with some Irish influence, but my accent is totally different from the place I live. Umm... And I play Sonyara, Una and Sunta... I have practically mixed them up when they are in the same room so I try to avoid that and I guess some have already realised this. I will not display the names of my other alts though, they are firmly kept in secret!

                    Anyways! Hello!
                    "The key to a good relationship is the key. Give me back the key."
                    Ronnie Edwards

                    "All secrets are deep. All secrets become dark. Thatís in the nature of secrets."
                    Cory Doctorow


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                      Hello... I feel like I'm at an AA meeting.

                      I play Story Guinness.
                      My alts change so often that it's not worth listing them for you.
                      I'm from the northern Midwest area of the United States where I still live and go to school.

                      ... and I enjoy a Guinness every now and again.
                      Story Guinness
                      "Tough love may be tough to give, but it is a necessity of life and assurance of positive growth." - T.F. Hodge


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                        Hi, I'm Rachelle... and some others..

                        Rachelle has been in Triskellian a long time,She has recently been adopted by Bruno and Vivi..

                        Rachelle Smiff


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                          Hello, my name is Death. This is my First WT meeting.

                          Welcome, Death.

                          I have been an ICO addict for several years now. I was doing it before it became the cool thing to do. I do it when I get bored or whenever I have free time. The habit is instinctual now, I find myself in ICO before the computer even finishes booting up. I tried to stop once but it only lasted a few seconds and made my fingertips itch. Thank you.

                          *clap, clap*
                          ~StoryHost Death

                          Dragon Pieces

                          Originally posted by Plato
                          Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.


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                            Originally posted by Death View Post
                            *clap, clap*

                            Congrats!!! Who can't leave ICO alone anyways? I know I can't! I play it... every second I'm not thinking about Shoes! OMG... shoes.!

                            *gives a lotta candy for introducing yourself* Death rocks! As long as he's not knocking on my door...
                            In the end, when all is said and done, the shadow of the day will embrace the world in grey. The sun will rise again for you someday, but today, let the world stay grey. We're forever marching, forever fighting. For one night, let the world stay grey. I promise one day the sun shall rise again... just for you.


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                              Hail, I am Dirt.

                              Unique to Ironclaw, I am not found elsewhere on Skotos.
                              I play the entire collective of one person on all of the Skotos Network;

                              Dio Goldengate.

                              I look forwards to playing with you all!
                              Come visit:
                              We discuss Cooking, Music, Animated Television and Video Games.



                              Debug Information