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  • IronClaw Online Google Calender

    Hey everyone.

    I've made an ICO Google calender for all players and staff of ICO so we can write in various events and reminders for plots, meetings and other things.

    It's a fully public calender so everyone, also outside of ICO can read it, but only ICO players will be allowed to subscribe to it.

    I encourage your all to join up and participate so we can show the world that ICO is an active and fun game and that way also lure more people to play :P

    This link should allow you to subscribe to it. If you have any questions or problems, drop me a PM or mail me at
    You can also contact me so you can be added as uses on the calender with editing rights and so on. Just tell me who you play and what need you have of adding to the calender and give me your e-mail address and I'll set you up

    ICO Google Calender
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    Very cool!

    Now I wish I could just stay as organized in my real life.


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      How do I subscribe to this calendar? I want to start adding events and meeting times, but I don't see the subscription.

      Also, more people need ot subscribe and actively use the calendar!



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