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Dead people and the church - IMPORTANT

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  • Dead people and the church - IMPORTANT

    Hi guys,

    Something has come up a few times.
    When you take a corpse to the cathedral to be resurrected - you MUST place it on the altar.

    I know you see the bodies lying on the long stone table, but if you just line them up the system won't be smart and know it's ready for resurrection. Place it on the altar, and then it will be automatically moved to the table.

    Like so:

    You are standing near here. Twenty-one flowers and a light green wool blanket are lying near a long stone table. The corpse of Althea is lying on a long stone table. A lit candle is standing near a long stone table. A hickory coffin is sitting against the western wall. A light green wool blanket is lying on the corpse of Althea.

    See that corpse there? Althea? Someone has carefully covered her with a blanket, so it's not that the players intended her not to be resurrected. But was she put on the altar properly?

    > take althea
    You haul the corpse of Althea up onto your shoulders.

    Nope! If I can pick up the corpse, then it wasn't placed properly. So what do I do?

    > place althea on altar
    You approach a large circular altar.
    You place the corpse of Althea on a large circular altar.
    The corpse of Althea is instantly bathed in the holy light of S'allumer, and she fades completely from view only to appear seconds later upon one of the corner revival tables.

    Yay! And now she'll be resurrected properly!
    If the body isn't placed on the altar, after a week it'll be automatically moved there. But that's an extra week of being dead that the player has to wait out. Unfortunate.

    So please make sure that you place the bodies on the altar properly. Make sure that you see the emote about the body being bathed in holy light. And if you happen to be passing through there, just try to pick up any other bodies lying there, to make sure that they've been put on the altar properly.

    If anyone has ideas on making this easier to use, so players won't OOC make this mistake, I'd like to hear them.
    Perhaps the properly placed corpses could be described differently? (like they may be inside a glass case?) - but that would stop players interacting with them.

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    *bumps to the fore, as promised*
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      Bumped. A body not placed on an altar will appear there one week from time of death.


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        Are there any exceptions other than player authorized/staff enforced permadeaths?