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  • Crafting

    I'm hijacking these first few posts. From now on, the most up to date lists for each crafting career will be on this first page. Updates will still be noted further back in the thread, but hopefully we'll maintain these too. So there won't be anymore cries for updated lists after we've added a slew of items. And here are some lists to kick things off:


    1 rondel
    2 bracers
    3 ailettes; schynbalds
    4 breastplate; chainmail; shield
    6 buckler (shield); greaves
    7 besagews
    8 kite shield; chestplate; culet
    9 codpiece
    10 heater shield; small bar; sabatons
    11 couters; poleyns
    12 helmet; spike;
    13 kettle hat (helmet); spaulders
    14 cervelliere (helmet); gauntlets
    15 Capeline (helmet); pauldrons
    16 spangenhelm (helmet); gorget
    17 bascinet (helmet)
    18 barbute (helmet); burgonet (helmet); sallet (helmet); cuisses
    19 tassets
    20 bevor
    21 fauld
    22 rerebraces; vambraces
    23 bases
    24 heaume (helmet)


    2 blade; dagger blade; arming blade; axehead; macehead; spearhead; haft; hilt; weaponhead
    4 leaf-bladed spearhead; short blade
    6 francisca head; crossguard; holy water sprinkler head; blunt blade
    8 sheath (metal); broad-bladed spearhead; longsword blade
    10 small bar; single-bladed battle axehead; bar guard; claymore blade
    11 side-sword blade
    12 flanged macehead; javelin head; foil blade
    13 tuck blade
    14 halberd; double-bladed battle axehead; bell guard; backsword blade; dagger sheath (leather)
    15 cutlass blade
    16 stiletto; hewing spearhead; rapier blade
    17 riding crops (leather)
    18 lochaber axehead; basket hilt; warhammer head; sabre blade; shotsword scabbard (leather); longsword scabbard (leather)
    19 scourge (leather)
    20 scimitar blade; weapon strap (leather)
    21 bullwhip (leather)
    22 swept hilt; maul head; smallsword blade
    23 holster (leather)
    24 zweihander blade


    1 nail; tool handle
    2 button; horseshoe; needle; tailoring pin
    3 bead; hairpin; hatpin
    4 buckle; fork; horseshoes (pair); scissors; spoon
    5 fire brush; fire poker; fire tongs; sconce
    6 chisel; comb; goblet; pea whistle; spittoon
    7 chamber pot; fire guard; fire shovel; hairbrush
    8 blade; bowl; hilt; plate; scalpel; stud
    9 flask; push hoe
    10 ash tray; breastplate; serving tray
    11 metal locker; spade
    12 die; frying pan; jeweler polisher
    13 branding iron; stock pot
    14 chalice; transplanting trowel
    15 candelabra; flower
    16 basin; altar candelabra; pitcher
    17 floor candelabra
    18 garden rake; hedge shears
    19 cultivator
    20 wheelbarrow
    24 chatelaine


    1 fishing rod; hoop-and-stick; peg; sudare; tool handle
    2 cup-and-ball; figurine; hilt; inkwell; mask
    3 bead; cane; comb; plate; swordblade; toy-top
    4 arm splint; backscratcher; crate; leg splint; spoon; tail splint
    5 boards; bowl; haft; hairbrush; staff; truncheon
    6 flatbox; hairsticks; rack; table; small crate (crate)
    7 button; chamber pot; club; coat stand; crutches; easel; paneling; medium crate (crate); half-finished stool (stool); nightstand (table)
    8 bench; cot; lumber box; paint palette; stool; weapon rack (rack); writing table (table)
    9 bookshelf; chair; painter kit; shutters; large crate (crate); paddle hairsticks (hairsticks)
    10 bucket; cradle; caquetoire chair (chair); serpent hairsticks (hairsticks); hat rack (rack); desk (table)
    11 coffin; crib; hat block; patterns; settle (bench)
    12 cabinet; foot stool; large barrel; huge crate (crate); wine rack (rack)
    13 mortar; shield; rocking chair (chair)
    14 dagger sheath; hand fan; jewelry box; pestle; clothing rack (rack)
    15 bangle; folding screen; trunk; buckler (shield)
    16 basin; dress form; dresser; mannequin; pitcher; armor rack (rack)
    17 dye cubby; gem cubby; hair cubby; kite shield (shield); scroll table (table)
    18 fabric chest; longsword scabbard; shortsword scabbard; dovetail vanity
    19 heater shield (shield); trestle table (table)
    20 scroll case; inset vanity
    21 high-backed chair (chair)
    22 wardrobe
    23 display case
    24 armoire
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    pirate 1: bandana
    pirate 3: eyepatch
    pirate 4: tricorn hat (hat)
    pirate 7: pirate bandana
    pirate 10: pirate jacket"

    thug 1: bandana
    thug 3: figurine: thug, doll: thug

    healer 1: bandage, cloth
    healer 4: slingleft, slingright
    healer 5: armsplint, legsplint (wood)

    priest 1: prayerbeads (wood); cassock
    priest 3: figurine: priest; doll: priest; fascia
    priest 4: cloth
    priest 5: prayerbeads (metal); bandage; epitrachelion

    assassin 3: figurine/doll: criminal
    thief 3: figurine/doll: criminal
    bodyguard 3: figurine/doll: guard
    dilettante 3: figurine/doll: noble
    fisherman 3: figurine/doll: fisherman
    guard 3: figurine/doll: guard
    hairdresser 3: figurine/doll: hairdresser
    mercenary 3: figurine/doll: soldier
    merchant 3: figurine/doll: merchant
    musician 3: figurine/doll: musician
    painter 3: figurine/doll: painter
    pickpocket 3: figurine/doll: criminal
    scout 3: figurine/doll: soldier
    soldier 3: figurine/doll: soldier
    squire 3: figurine/doll: squire
    woodcutter 3: figurine/doll: woodcutter
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      stonemason 1: statur: bixie, dragon, kitten, mason, mermaid; coffin; mortar; pestle; statue
      stonemason 2: statue: boar, fox, horse, wolf
      stonemason 3: statue: cat, dog, helloise, seamstress
      stonemason 4: statue: ape, badger, bear, rabbit
      stonemason 5: statue: comhach, ferret, monkey, otter, rodent, weasel
      stonemason 6: statue: squirrel, wolverine
      stonemason 7: statue: mink, skunk
      stonemason 8: statue: bull, porcupine, rhinoceros, sloth
      stonemason 9: statue: polar, bear, ram, vixen
      stonemason 10: statue: brukes, kangaroo, koala, platypus
      stonemason 11: statue: daga, lyrisica
      stonemason 12: statue: femort, lutara, octogram

      jeweler 1: ring; singlepost; gem-cut: round; etching: ivy
      jeweler 2: gem-cut: oval; etching: patterns; armband
      jeweler 3: gem-cut: marquise; etching: hearts; doll: jeweler; figurine: jeweler; hoops
      jeweler 4: gem-cut: pear; etching: fish; chain
      jeweler 5: gem-cut: heart; etching: birds; bracelet; clasp; jewelknife; scalpel
      jeweler 6: gem-cut: emerald-cut; etching: octogram; anklet; pin; posts
      jeweler 7: gem-cut: princess-cut; etching: wolfstar; necklace; earcuff(s); studearrings
      jeweler 8: gem-cut: trilliant; bellychain
      jeweler 9: gem-cut: radiant
      jeweler 10: gem-cut: cushion-cut
      jeweler 11: gem-cut: rose-shaped
      jeweler 12: gem-cut: teardrop

      carpenter 1: fishingrod; hilt; mask; toolhandle
      carpenter 2: armsplint; cane; comb; legsplint; swordblade; figurine: boar, fox, horse, wolf
      carpenter 3: figurine: cat, dog; boards; flatbox; hairbrush; small crate; staff; truncheon; doll: carpenter
      carpenter 4: figurine: ape, badger, bear, rabbit, tailor; bench; button; club; medium crate; paneling; stool
      carpenter 5: figurine: comhach, ferret, monkey, otter, rodent, weasel; bookshelf; chair; figurine; large crate; shutters; table
      carpenter 6: figurine: armadillo, cow, goat, mouse, raccoon, rat, sheep, skink; cabinet; coffin; desk; huge crate
      carpenter 7: figurine: squirrel, wolverine; mortar; pestle
      carpenter 8: figurine: mink, skunk
      carpenter 9: figurine: bull, porcupine, rhinoceros, sloth
      carpenter 10: figurine: polar bear, ram, vixen
      carpenter 11: figurine: kangaroo, koala, platypus
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        armorsmith 1: shield (wood); bracers
        armorsmith 2: chainmail; breastplate
        armorsmith 3: doll: smith; figurine: smith; greaves
        armorsmith 4: chestplate
        blacksmith 5: cutting: small bar; sabatons
        armorsmith 6: helmet
        armorsmith 7: gauntlets

        weaponsmith 1: blade hilt; dagger blade; sword blade; longblade; shortblade; arming blade
        weaponsmith 2: short blade
        weaponsmith 3: crossguard; sheath; doll/figurine: smith; blunt blade
        weaponsmith 4: sheath; longsword blade
        weaponsmith 5: claymore blade; bar guard
        weaponsmith 6: foil blade
        weaponsmith 7: halberd; backsword blade; bell guard
        weaponsmith 8: rapier blade
        weaponsmith 9: basket hilt; sabre blade
        weaponsmith 10: scimitar blade
        weaponsmith 11: swept hilt;
        weaponsmith 12: zweihander blade
        (repetitive items are accessible at the lower level)

        blacksmith 1: button; shoe; toolhandle
        blacksmith 2: buckle; sconce
        blacksmith 3: figurine/doll: smith; chisel
        blacksmith 4: blade; hilt; scalpel
        blacksmith 5: breastplate
        blacksmith 6: polisher
        blacksmith 7: helmet


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          I think I only left out the hairstylers. As soon as I find them they will have a nice list of their own. Dyers already have a separate little thread.
          It is apparent that certain crafting careers need a bit of filling here and there, so here you go, it is your chance to overwhelm us with ideas.
          What do you want to see craftable?
          What I would like to see is a long list of ideas in the following form:
          career: item, item, item....
          But do not let me limit your imagination, do feel free to add descriptions too. Do you not see a career here you would like? Give us a describtion of it and a list of items it should be able to craft. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
          I hope this is useful for both current use and future improvements.


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            jeweler: tiara (lvl 10)
            stonemason: vase (lvl 3)
            armorsmith: all the armors could have a subversion: ceremonial, which would decrease their efficiency but alter their appearance to more fancy. It would require higher levels then making the item.
            armorsmith: leather armor (lvl 1), studded leather armor (lvl 1), reinforced boots (made from boots with metal, lvl 1)
            carpenter. scroll case (lvl 8)


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              Isn't woodcarver a seperate career? And just as an additional thing, it would be nice if carpenter was more...carpentery..instead of so many figurines like you would expect from the woodcarver bit.

              carpenter: Bed: bunk beds, crib, cot, 4-poster bed, trundle bed. Bench: settle, pew. Dresser/Bureau/Chest of Drawers. Cupboard. Display Case. Chair: caquetoire, stool, rocking chair. Chest. Desk: armoire, trestle. Table: writing table, drop-leaf table, nightstand, coffee table. Wardrobe. Footstool.


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                A suggestion;

                priest; galero (that wierd flat wide brimmed het thingy), mozzetta (that small shoulder cloak thing).
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                  I sent my ideas for armorsmith, blacksmith, and weaponsmith via @idea, but here's my ideas for carpenter...<_< I've been working at this list a bit. I'm going to put them in categories, so it's easier to read this list. Who wants to help with the brief/look/examine for these?

                  -two-door armoire
                  -three-door armoire
                  -marquetry armoire
                  -marriage armoire
                  -curio cabinet
                  -filing cabinet
                  -secretaire cabinet
                  -bureau cabinet
                  -corner cabinet
                  -commode (bedside table)
                  Hall stand
                  -cassone (dowry chest)
                  -low chest
                  -tall chest
                  -treasure chest
                  -traveller's chest
                  -blanket chest
                  -four-post bed
                  -canopy bed
                  -sleigh bed
                  -trundle bed
                  -wing chair
                  -watchman's chair
                  -brewster chair
                  -corner chair
                  -curule chair
                  -nursing chair
                  -rocking chair
                  -tablet chair
                  Window seat
                  -circular stool
                  -bowback sofa
                  -knoll sofa
                  -vanity bench
                  -park bench
                  -dining bench
                  -end table
                  -fold-over table
                  -gateleg table
                  -serving table
                  -kettle stand
                  -occassional table
                  -console table
                  -demi-lune table
                  -low table
                  -dining table
                  -centre table
                  -refectory table
                  -dressing table
                  -linen press
                  Standing mirror
                  Folding screen
                  Cigar box
                  Tea caddy
                  Document box
                  Book carrier
                  Letter carrier
                  Ware box
                  Picture frame (large, medium, small)
                  Library steps
                  Vidula Banner-Llnath, assistant to Master Sansamor d'Avalon
                  Vidula! (Castle Marrach)
                  May May!Ian!Whisper! (Ironclaw Online)


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                    blacksmith: jewelry knife, tongs, axe head*, pick axe head* (axe head), hatchet *(axe head), circlet, bowl, knife, spoon, fork, pot, pan, tea kettle, shovel*, trowel*, spade*, nails, hammer head*, bedframe, towel rack
                    *can be added to tool handle

                    weaponsmith: axe head, spear head, battle axe, greataxe, mace, flail, dagger sheath

                    armorsmith: pauldrons

                    armorsmith or seamstress or tailor: leather armor, brigandine, riveted chainmail, chainmail coif, buff coat

                    carpenter: weapon rack, trunk, longbow, short bow, scabbard

                    tailor/seamtress: scabbard, baldric, dagger sheath

                    Edit: Oh, and thanks to Sirazad for compiling these lists
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                      ..... Guns.
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                        Originally posted by Bruno Smith View Post
                        weaponsmith: axe head, spear head, battle axe, greataxe, mace, flail, dagger sheath
                        Spear and flail descriptions are in the "I want to help Ironclaw thread"

                        Battle Axe

                        Designed with a rather sinister head, the battle-axe was used to beat its way through shield units and to cleave into knights and horses.

                        The recommendations below are for material and creation levels (based on 12 level system)

                        Material Level
                        Axe head 3 feet 9
                        Handle 3 Feet Determined by carpenters

                        Battle Axe
                        Brief: a battle-axe
                        Look: A(n) (material) large bladed axe head on a staff.
                        Examine: A(n) (material) large axe head with a pike opposite the blade on a long staff. This is designed strictly to cleave enemies in battle.

                        Battle Axe Parts
                        Brief: an axe head
                        Look: a(n) (material) axe head, single sided with a short pike opposite the blade.
                        Examine: a(n) (material) axe head. On one side is a large curved blade approximately six inches tall and 4 inches deep. Opposite the blade there is a six-inch pike. There is a mounting hole between the blade and pike. The blade is designed to either cleave someone or to pierce their armor.

                        Brief: a wood staff
                        Look: a(n) (material) wooden staff to support the axe head.
                        Examine: a six-foot, polished (material) wooden staff that is designed to support the axe head. It is very sturdy.

                        __________________________________________________ ______________________

                        Double Headed Axe

                        Designed with two opposite blades, the double-headed axe was just a weapon of mass destruction.

                        The recommendations below are for material and creation levels (based on 12 level system)

                        Material Level
                        Axe head 3 feet 11
                        Handle 3 Feet Determined by carpenters

                        Double Headed Axe
                        Brief: a double headed axe
                        Look: A(n) (material) large double-bladed axe head on a staff.
                        Examine: A(n) (material) double-bladed axe head on a long staff. This is designed only to create the most grievous injuries in battle.

                        Double Headed Axe Parts
                        Brief: an axe head
                        Look: a two-sided (material) axe head.
                        Examine: a(n) (material) axe head. On both sides is a large curved blade approximately eight inches tall and six inches deep. There is a mounting hole between the blade and pike. The blade is designed to rip an enemy to shreds.

                        Brief: a wood staff
                        Look: a(n) (material) wooden staff to support the axe head.
                        Examine: a six-foot, polished (material) wooden staff that is designed to support the axe head. It is very sturdy.


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                          The carpenters and weaponsmiths should be able to make more forms of clubs and staves. At the moment the only way to get a stronger weapon is to get it on the AH, whereas the sword wielding maniacs have a multitude of different options, that they don't pay that outrageously for.


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                            New careers: tinker (for guns and machine-like things) and engraver


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                              Originally posted by Bruno Smith View Post
                              New careers: tinker (for guns and machine-like things) and engraver
                              I've been wanting to see a career like that appear for a lo~ong time now. XD
                              I think the GMs still want to resrict firearm access though I think, seeing as theres still only a few ingame.
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