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  • Hairdresser Updates - styles added

    Lvl 7
    Collected layers of locks flow together over to one side of the head and flip up on the ends. The hair is edged along the back and lays halfway over the ears when wet on the sides.

    A women's long hairstyle where the hair has been pulled to the top of the head into a high pony with the tail cascading down the back in luxurious waves.

    Lvl 8
    A women's hairstyle where the entire left side of the head has been shaved cleanly while the other side plunges down in a lustrous cascade of curls.

    Lvl 9
    Tresses clipped in layers and brought back into a relaxed assembly of curls in the crown and flowing all the way down to rest upon the neckline. Textured bangs blend effortlessly while maximizing the elegance of the style on the wearer.

    Lvl 12
    Weightless and sharply pointed strands are cut with the shortest length at the nape and a gradual lengthening towards the top of the head. Each hair is then individually and methodically styled against its direction of growth in an air of rebelliousness.

    A half up and half down style, daringly elegant and featuring classic lines with a fresh finish. The top is bumped up to a round shape and held together by a band made from a wide strand of the wearer's own hair. The rest of the locks have been gathered into a low-sitting ponytail and swung to the front in a splash of tousled and curly glory.

    Long hair featuring tightly drawn sides with the nape and the crown pulled to the back of the top section before being circularly wrapped and secured with additional tresses. The forward half of the top section is combed forward as a fringe and boasts a sharply pointed shape that rests against the forehead.

    Lvl 13
    A men's hairstyle which is cut into a regular fade with the bangs or fringe left longer than the top.

    Multi-level and multi-dimensional, the top hair is styled into a smooth pouf embellished with a small, french-braided frame. The bangs are taken strictly to the side and tugged behind the ear where they connect with the rest of the tresses that flow playfully downward in delicate spirals.

    Lvl 15
    Scattered, textured layers drape about the crown while trendy, heavy bangs lie in a subtle slant across the forehead. The sides and back of the hair have been clipped up into a fade around the ears to lend a cleaner appearance to the overall style.

    Lvl 18
    Heavy sections of hair are strongly wrapped around each other to lend the impression of a hat upon the head with a ballet of tendrils along the top side. The bangs have been combed over and under the top of the locks with the coup de grace being the willowy coils that stagger below one side of the wearer's shoulders.

    Lvl 19
    gypsy curls:
    A long cut with a clearly delineated horizontal fringe and deeply-textured layers. The glossy, defined curls refract the light into glowing color and shadow patterns to emphasize the visual interest of the look.

    Lvl 20
    An intricate up-style displaying all the energy of a bubbling spring. The hair is wound up into tight, twisting tendrils and secured in coils to provide a very structured, elegant look to the wearer.

    The hair at each temple has been braided back and downward only for the two braids to meet at the back of the head and overlap into an "x", creating two separate braids that are secured at each end.

    Lvl 21
    Typical of the Rinaldi, this is a traditional women's hairstyle consisting of two spiralled buns on either side of the head accompanied by two braids that are wound around the back. Twisted strands of locks laid and layered into different figures and shapes are nestled decoratively into the middle of the plaits to finish off the elaborate look.
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    • Seamstress AND Tailor Updates

      5 Small flag
      6 Placemat
      6 Upholstery (see below post)
      7 Curtains
      8 TableRunner
      10 BedSheet
      11 BlanketLap (From blanket)
      12 BlanketThrow (From blanket)
      13 CafeCurtains (From curtains)
      15 Drapes (From curtains)
      16 Large Flag
      19 WindowSash (From curtains)
      20 Banner
      21 Quilt (From blanket)
      22 Mattress


      • Carpentry Updates

        Beds (NEEDS MATTRESS)
        Basic 4
        Sleigh 8
        Trundle 12
        Canopy 16
        Four Poster 20
        Ornate 24

        Benches (ACCEPTS and/or NEEDS UPHOLSTERY)
        Basic 3
        LowBack 7
        Chaise 15
        Settee 19
        Storage 23

        Chairs (ACCEPTS and/or NEEDS UPHOLSTERY)
        Basic 2
        Cabriole 4
        CambelBack 6
        Arm 8
        SlingBack 18
        Tufted 20
        High-Backed 22

        Stools (ACCEPTS and/or NEEDS UPHOLSTERY)
        Basic 5
        LowBack 13
        Ottoman 21

        Couches (NEED UPHOLSTERY)
        Basic 6
        DayBed 10
        Cabriole 14
        CamelBack 18
        Tufted 22
        Vasser 24

        Syntax "add my upholstery to my object"
        "Add my mattress to my bed"

        you can also put blankets and pillows in chairs and couches, visible when examined as "the couch is decorated with a decorative pillow and a throw blanket" and they are able to be interacted with without changing proxy

        bed can also have blankets, sheets, pillows and all various other things put in them with the same results.

        Storage benches and ottomans are storage containers that can be opened and closed.


        • Seamstress and Tailor Update

          tailor my cushion --> Valid options are: "bench" "couch" "crescent-shaped" "egg-shaped" "floor" "heart-shaped" "hourglass-shaped" "oblong" "octagonal" "oval" "overstuffed" "round" "square" "star-shaped" "tessellated" "tuffeted"

          tailor my rug --> Valid options are: "area" "carpet runner" "crescent-shaped" "egg-shaped" "hall" "heart-shaped" "hearth" "hourglass-shaped" "oblong" "octagonal" "outdoor" "oval" "overstuffed" "round" "square" "stair" "star-shaped" "tessellated"

          Which means no more auto generated shapes. You have the choice now. Enjoy!!


          • Carpenter, Chaise


            • Since we have so many new, and returning players, I'm just going to nudge this to the fore for any that might need it.


              • Pockets have been added to level 10 for seamstresses. The pocket is crafted from a pouch and functions as such.

                Bikini bras and bottoms have been replaced with a pair of breast bags (breast-bags; yes, there is consistent documentation to support this name) and short bloomers (bloomers-short) respectively to be more period-appropriate; these are the closest equivalents for which there are extant garments from that era. They are otherwise unchanged as far as crafting is concerned. They have also been transferred to the current clothing system, so you should be able to add embroideries and other embellishments.

                All house direct import garments have been transferred to the current clothing system. While they still cannot be crafted by seamstresses or tailors, you should be able to add embroideries, beads, gems, et cetera. A number of the garments were modified to make them more period- or region-appropriate. Most of these changes were relatively minor, but a few garments were overhauled entirely.
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                StoryBuilder Kjell


                • As part of an ongoing project to bring the game back to the original source material, I will be adjusting the clothing--with the exception of custom patterns purchased with tokens--that clothiers can make so that they align more accurately to the Renaissance period (within reason, anyway). I am allowing some wiggle room into the 1700s, primarily because the men's clothing options are already limited relative to the women's options. I will be taking into account the fantasy setting of the game, so garments in this vein (ex: the ranger and saberist dresses) will be modified to fit the period aesthetic as much as possible without losing the overall gist of the garment. Most changes will be limited to the item descriptions, but some things may get overhauled, generally due to their being wildly out-of-period. As I finish categories, I will update this post so that clothiers can modify whatever they need to in their guild pages and/or forum posts.

                  June 23rd Update
                  Description Changes, Dresses
                  generic/base, peplum, ranger, saberist, short saberist, short-sleeved

                  June 24th Update
                  Description Changes, Gloves
                  generic/base, archery, fingerless, formal, long, mittens, work

                  June 25th Update
                  Description Changes, Underwear
                  bloomers, short bloomers, braies, breast bags, bum roll, camisole, chainse, generic/base chemise, short-sleeved chemise, sleeveless chemise, chemisette, smock

                  Name & Description Changes, Underwear
                  Corsets and underbust corsets have been changed to corsetted stays and corsetted underbust stays, respectively.

                  Additions, Underwear
                  Jumps and short jumps have been added to the shirts for seamstresses at level 16.
                  Corsetted short stays have been added to the shirts for seamstresses at level 18.
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                  StoryBuilder Kjell


                  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. As a costumer with 30+ years of research into Renaissance clothing, this makes my heart happy.

                    ~Lady Morven Adalhard


                    • Seamstress, Level 1
                      belt, benda, bookmark, cape, cloak, cloth, cloth strip, garters, neck handkerchief, ribbon, scarf, towel, wristlet

                      Seamstress, Level 2
                      back cloak, bandana, capelet, choker, curtains, face bandana, hand towel, napkin, pants, polishing cloth, pouch, ribbon garters, streamers, tailwarmer, trimming, waist sash

                      Seamstress, Level 3
                      beach towel, cap, chasuble cape, fringe, handkerchief, hat, sagum mantle, shorts, skirt, small flag, table runner, tablecloth, tapestry, thigh-length cloak, tie belt, tie garters

                      Seamstress, Level 4
                      blanket, braided hairband, braided tie garters, brat drape, chaps, coif, gollar cape, hood, lacerna cloak, large flag, loincloth, paste, pillow, sack, shoulder sash, swaddling gown, underdrawers, washcloth

                      Seamstress, Level 5
                      apron, banner, belt pouch, beribboned garland, blindfold, braided belt, circlet, evening cape, gugel hood, head roll, hooded cloak, knee-length skirt, mantle, round rug, rug, square rug, thread, window sash

                      Seamstress, Level 6
                      ankle-length skirt, braies, caul, collared cape, footwraps, hooded lacerna cloak, lap blanket, mask, oblong rug, oval rug, placemat, smith apron, socks, stole, tankard strap, two-toned pants, waist wrap, wallpaper, wide-brimmed coif

                      Seamstress, Level 7
                      arms pack, braccae, carpet runner, chemise, cushion, drapes, egg-shaped rug, eye mask, floor-length skirt, gloves, handwraps, legwraps, moufles, round cushion, skullcap, square cushion, stock, tebenna, toeless socks

                      Seamstress, Level 8
                      armwraps, chausses, dress, fingerless gloves, flounces, hearth rug, kilt, mittens, oblong cushion, oval cushion, pocket belt, sleeves, stockings, sword cape, throw blanket, waist cord, wide-brimmed hat, zucchetto

                      Seamstress, Level 9
                      angled skirt, ankle-length kilt, bellcloak, cafe curtains, conical hat, egg-shaped cushion, floor cushion, full mask, head scarf, hose, hourglass-shaped rug, manteau cloak, peplum, robe, sleeveless chemise, stomacher, work gloves

                      Seamstress, Level 10
                      acorn hat, bed sheet, boot hose, crispine, decorative pillow, hall rug, long gloves, overstuffed cushion, pajamas, portiere, shirt, sideless surcoat, sleeveless shirt, swatch shirt, underskirt, wrap-around dress

                      Seamstress, Level 11
                      archery glove, capotain hat, chemisette, crescent-shaped rug, fez hat, footed pajamas, gown, harem pants, heart-shaped rug, hourglass-shaped cushion, jacket, knee-high stockings, lining, over-robe, overskirt, surcoat, tippets

                      Seamstress, Level 12
                      chapeau hat, codpiece, cotelette, crescent-shaped cushion, ear-shaped caul, garter belt, heart cushion, jerkin, kilt hose, purse, short bloomers, short-sleeved dress, tapered sleeve, vest, wing pattern
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                      • Seamstress, Level 13
                        ascot, beret, bloomers, blouse, camisole, chainse, double-wrap belt, flat cap, hanging sleeves, octagonal cushion, shoes, short coat, short-sleeved chemise, short-sleeved gown, split hose, thigh-high stockings, tunic

                        Seamstress, Level 14
                        breeches, bum roll, couch cushion, cravat, doublet, phrygian cap, sideless gown, sleeveless blouse, sleeveless doublet, sleeveless gown, sleeveless tunic, slippers, spatterdashes, split-front overskirt, tights, train

                        Seamstress, Level 15
                        back seam stockings, boots, breast bags, comforter, formal gloves, lace, long-sleeved gown, overstuffed rug, ranger dress, short-sleeved blouse, short-sleeved shirt, sleeveless undergown, trews, tuffeted cushion, yoke skirt

                        Seamstress, Level 16
                        bag-sleeved cotte, bench cushion, dagged coat, dancing slippers, girdle belt, kirtle, leggings, outdoor rug, round-toed shoes, rucksack, satchel, short saberist dress, short-sleeved doublet, steeple hat, trousers, two-toned shirt, umbrella, undertunic

                        Seamstress, Level 17
                        ankle-high boots, bodice, chapel-length train, fold-neck shirt, hammock, jodhpurs, nightgown, pluderhose, quiver, round kirtle, rucked shirt, saberist dress, sandals, snood, sock hat, tessellated cushion, tie-neck shirt

                        Seamstress, Level 18
                        biretta, cotehardie, dagged doublet, doublet hose, heeled shoes (previously high heels), heeled slippers, moccasins, octagonal rug, overgown, padded arming cap, parasol, ruched bodice, shirred bodice, tie-neck tunic, toe socks, tool belt, train-skirted dress (previously cordial dress), upholstery roll

                        Seamstress, Level 19
                        bonnet, calf-high boots, camicia, chaperon, gladiator sandals, latchet shoes, padded doublet, pantaloons, quilted jerkin, skirted bodice, sporran, stair rug, star-shaped rug, tapestry pouch, tricorn hat, upper arm gauntlets, v-neck overgown

                        Seamstress, Level 20
                        ankle-length jacket, area rug, back-laced gown, cross-laced bodice, dress shoes, fan, gambeson, knee-high boots, pendant-sleeved gown (previously back-laced pendant gown), pillbox hat, smock, stuffed chaperon, sweeping train, swordsman pants, tessellated rug, top hat, work boots

                        Seamstress, Level 21
                        arming cotte, attifet, bliaut, burgundian, coronet hat, courtepy, doublet bodice, evening gown, knee-high moccasins, long jacket, mattress, padded shirt, riveted tunic, ruffled skirt, short-vested bodice, strapped knee-high sandals, tall boots

                        Seamstress, Level 22
                        bucket boots, castle-top boots, corsetted underbust stays, front-laced gown, hooded overtunic, infantry gambeson, mitre, peascod doublet, pleated pants, pourpoint, ruffled blouse, ruffled underskirt, segmented sleeves, short jumps, silhouette jerkin, split-front gown, tiered ruffle skirt, toggle boots

                        Seamstress, Level 23
                        cavalier hat, corsetted short stays, ensemble pants, floor-length gown, heeled boots, infantry boots, jester hat, jumps, pleated coat, ruffled overskirt, ruffled shirt, ruffled veil, short buckled jacket, slashed-sleeved doublet, strapped boots

                        Seamstress, Level 24
                        bombasted-sleeved gown (previously couture dress), buttoned long coat, cathedral-length train, cavalier shirt, cinched pants (previously stretch pants), corsetted stays, frilled shirt, gable hood, great coat, half-cape frilled shirt, heeled thigh-high boots (previously maiden boots), hoop skirt, partlet gown, poulaines, quilt, ruff gown, slops
                        StoryBuilder Kjell


                        • Blacksmith, Level 1
                          bead, button, daisy button, hairpin, hatpin, skink button

                          Blacksmith, Level 2
                          carnation button, nail, needle, tacks, tailor pin, vulture button

                          Blacksmith, Level 3
                          ash tray, file, fork, pigeon button, spoon, tulip button

                          Blacksmith, Level 4
                          arrowhead, boar button, die, fox button, horse button, pea whistle, scissors, wolf button

                          Blacksmith, Level 5
                          blade, crow button, fire brush, fire poker, fire tongs, hilt, lily button, rondel, scalpel

                          Blacksmith, Level 6
                          ailettes, bowl, bracers, cat button, dagger blade, dog button, fire guard, fire shovel, kitten button, plate, puppy button, smith button, sword blade

                          Blacksmith, Level 7
                          chastity belt, codpiece, crossguard hilt, dragon button, gorget, horseshoe, sconce, sword blade

                          Blacksmith, Level 8
                          ape button, badger button, bear button, blunt blade, foil blade, greaves, haft, rabbit button, rondel blade, spittoon, weaponhead

                          Blacksmith, Level 9
                          axehead, bar guard, clawed battle gauntlets, comb, hairbrush, mermaid button, sabatons

                          Blacksmith, Level 10
                          besagews, butterfly button, comhach button, dirk blade, ferret button, flask, macehead, monkey button, otter button, pauldrons, rapier blade, rodent button, shield, sword blade, weasel button

                          Blacksmith, Level 11
                          aspergillum head, borage button, buckle, cuirass, horseshoes, longsword blade, schynbalds, single-bladed battle axehead, spearhead, spider button

                          Blacksmith, Level 12
                          armadillo, arming blade, buckler, cow button, dragonfly button, flanged macehead, gauche blade, goat button, helmet, leaf-bladed spearhead, mouse button, raccoon button, rat button, scabbard, sheep button, side-sword blade, skink button, tweezers
                          StoryBuilder Kjell


                          • Blacksmith, Level 13
                            chisel, couters, craoiseach spearhead, dagger sheath, goblet, gorath button, hummingbird button, kettle hat, knuckledusters, morion, poleyns, serving tray, skeleton

                            Blacksmith, Level 14
                            back scabbard, backsword blade, barbute, bell guard, burgonet, flower, harpoon head, kite shield, poniard blade, spaulders, spikes, squirrel button, studs, tiki button, wolverine button

                            Blacksmith, Level 15
                            broad-bladed spearhead, cervelliere, chalice, chamber pot, falcon button, francisca head, gun rack, laurel button, lion button, lioness button, rose (flower), tassets

                            Blacksmith, Level 16
                            capeline, comedy button, halberd, heater shield, mink button, misericorde blade, mortar, pestle, rerebraces, sabre blade, skunk button, spade, vase, warhammer head

                            Blacksmith, Level 17
                            bascinet, chain whip, cuisses, drawknife, fairy button, gimlet, blunt surgical hook, javelin head, pitcher, shark button, sunflower button

                            Blacksmith, Level 18
                            basket hilt, bull button, ear blade, sharp surgical hook, hounskull, porcupine button, push hoe, rhinoceros button, saw, surgical scissors, sloth, smallsword blade, vambraces

                            Blacksmith, Level 19
                            angelica button, burgonet, cherub button, culet, froe, fry pan, garden rake, ixwa head, lochaber axehead, pitchfork, sea serpent button, tea kettle, tower shield

                            Blacksmith, Level 20
                            bevor, candelabra, claymore blade, forceps, alligator skull helmet, lorica, metal locker, polar bear button, ram button, sallet, shillelagh head, stock pot, swordbreaker blade, vixen button

                            Blacksmith, Level 21
                            armet, floor candelabra, fauld, hewing spearhead, scimitar blade, seahorse, stiletto, transplating trowel, trephine, trophy, unicorn button

                            Blacksmith, Level 22
                            basin, bone lever, breastplate, altar candelabra, estoc blade, kangaroo button, koala button, platypus button, spangenhelm, swept hilt, trident blade, watering can

                            Blacksmith, Level 23
                            bases, brazier, cutlass blade, double-bladed battle axhead, gae bolga spearhead, hedge shears, spatula probe, vise, witch doctor button

                            Blacksmith, Level 24
                            chainmail, chatelaine, cultivator, heaume, jewel polisher, kris blade, maul head, wheelbarrow, zweihander blade
                            StoryBuilder Kjell


                            • Legwraps have been moved from seamstress level 7 to level 9 because the requisite base item cannot be crated until level 8.
                              Dolls have been distributed from seamstress level 15 to level 24.
                              Dolls are no longer available to careers that aren't seamstress.
                              Wings have been distributed from seamstress level 12 to level 24.
                              The scholar robe has been transferred from scholar to seamstress at level 12.
                              Religious garments have been transferred from priest to seamstress: mozzetta (level 1), fascia (level 3), amice (level 4), buskins (level 10), alb (level 13), cassock (level 14), epitrachelion (level 20).
                              Pattern folders have been added to scholar level 9. Note: This will appear as "folder" and not "pattern folder" even though the command requires "pattern folder" whilst crafting.
                              StoryBuilder Kjell


                              • The ability to emboss metal and fabric books and engrave wood books has been added to the scholar career. Embossing requires an embossing stylus, which has been added to carpenter and blacksmith at level 12.
                                StoryBuilder Kjell