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  • Curiosity...

    I know Triskellian has slave laws, but do these laws pertain only to the slaves available in Triskellian?

    For instance, if I as a player agreed with another player to create characters from another area outside of the city, one of whom owns a slave prior to coming here, do the laws still apply?

    My thoughts are that this particular slave is owned outright by the individual as property and is not rented from the company. So do these laws then apply to that slave, or is that slave simply seen as being owned by one individual and only that one individual, irrevocably?
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    The slave laws are the laws of the Don. They apply to this town naturally.
    All the slaves have to be in a slaving guild. Should the slave have a good reason why not have the PC guild as such overseeing guild, then you might wish to assist to the staff and clarify things with them.

    On a side note, if that is what worries you, there are strict OOC rules in regard of slavery, especially in regards of ownership. We have not ever given slaves to owners they don't wish to play with. Ownership is a two way consent.

    I bring you an example. Zeiss did not want to sell Ryan to Gemma. But they wanted to be owner and slave, so Faile came in and sold Ryan to Gemma and presented the fact of sale to Zeiss. So yes, should the slave wish to play with a certain owner we will not act in a way that makes it impossible.

    There is another example recently where Lianaar wanted to take away slaves from owners, and I first contacted both slaves and owners in order to work out a solution that all people involved enjoy.

    Slavery is a very OOC sensitive area of the game and we fully acknowledge that.

    If you wish to make agreements you can PM me here and/or seek staff naturally.