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  • Pregnancy in ICO

    I have noticed how differently people see pregnancy in ICO is, so here is the current guide line for it:

    What do you need to be IG pregnant?
    - same species: we also allow pcs from the same species family to be pregnant. Seek staff for help on individual cases. Eg tiger and lion can have mutual offspring, wolves and foxes can not. There is an IG way for those of different species to have mutual offspring, but that is already a plot and IG information on the how is available, if anyone wishes to take this path seek plotters.
    - STPs: belly alterations and baby props cost stps. You can claim to have been pregnant, or you can claim being pregnant, but without stps the signs and the prop will not be delivered. With twins you have to pay for each baby prop. Stps are to be paid on the date of the alteration. So you don't need to have everything beforehand, only on alteration date.
    - limitations: we do not support rape plots, we do not wish to have public conversation about someone being pregnant due to rape either. Please do be considerate. And due to sensitiveness we do not give out dead baby props either, so there is no staff supported RPing of stillborn babies. Thank you for the understanding.

    Timing of pregnancy
    - pregnancy is 6 months for every species, even if animals have a different span in RL;
    - signs show after the first trimester, so somewhere around 2,5-3 months unless you are pregnant with twins, in which case it is 2 months (personal differences are possible just like in RL, seek your friendly s to determine such things).

    If in doubt or wishing to build a plot around this topic, or if you have questions do not hesitate to contact staff either by PM, assist or mail (


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    ...also, we need the OOC consent from *both* parents. Which means staff will need to know who the PC father is, and that player will need to give their consent.

    We may insist on it being an established PC, and not just a new alt. We may make exceptions in some situations.

    If a player does purchase a baby prop, then that prop (like all stp items) will OOC belong to the player who purchased it. NOT to both parents. In the RP, there can be questions of who owns/is in charge/is responsible for the baby, but OOC staff will need to know who owns the prop. This is true even if both players contribute storypoints (they will have to decide amongst themselves which player will "own" it.)

    Baby props are just that - props. They aren't PC children that will be played by another player or staffer.

    Players can RP that their character is pregnant without purchasing a baby prop at the end. They can RP that the baby is back home, being taken care of by their mother/a nursemaid/a friend, etc. and that they just don't carry their baby around the commons with them.
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      How long do we get to keep the props? Forever or is their a timer?
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        Originally posted by Tunk_Bodin View Post
        How long do we get to keep the props? Forever or is their a timer?
        There is no timer. The general "life expectancy" of a player means we're going to have very few players who go through the story long enough to have a baby that would age into something older that can't be represented with the prop.

        If that happens, it will probably just be handled on a case-by-case basis.
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          Baby props cost 500 stps each.
          Belly modifications cost 30 stps each, usually 3 is given during pregnancy.
          Plotter approval is needed and we currently will decline underaged players to have a baby prop.

          Thank you for the understanding.


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            Modification to the above:

            Belly modifications cost 30 stps all. This is to be paid at the first modification upfront. If you later decide not to use all modification, you will not get a refund.
            The stages of modifications are
            - slightly rounded stomach
            - rounded stomach
            - noticeably-rounded stomach
            - back to the original
            These are stages, if you come up with different adjectives the might approve of it and use it.

            All the remaining information is still valid and applicable.


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                Just clarifying so there isn't any confusion:

                You will be pregnant for a period of 6 months, regardless of what species you are. You need to assist with a date of pregnancy so we can track your progress and deliver your body modifications on time.

                You must pay for your stomach modifications up front, with each modification costing 30 stps. Standard mods are slightly-rounded, rounded, and noticeably rounded, for a total of 90 stps.

                You are not required to purchase a baby prop, but if you want to, it's best to have the stps ready before the last month of your pregnancy so that we have time to build the object, get it delivered, etc.

                Hope this helps!
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                  Baby Props

                  When you have babies in game, you usually purchase baby props (or sometimes not). If you do, after you've had them IG for a year - 2 years you can create them as characters for you or your partner to play. They *will* take up a character slot, so you have to have room for them. You can have other people create them too if you'd like (which will take up one of their character slots). After two years of a baby prop existing or when the baby prop is turned into a pc, the baby prop will be slain, or the toddler prop - whichever the case may be. These props were never intended to stay in the game indefinitely, regardless of the fact storypoints were spent on them. If you did not purchase a baby prop but want to play your child character when it's old enough, you still need an open slot for it, and there will be a charge of 100 stps per child.

                  When you're ready to create your child character, you can just assist to me, put your prop in a package and mail it through the courier, and then I'll bring your pc up to modify it according to your prop so the similarities are there even if not available in chargen.
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                    Effective as of the time of this post, there will be new STP pricing for pregnancy and baby props.


                    The cost of the basic series of three pregnancy belly mods will now be 30 STPs total, not 30 STPs each.

                    If you would like a custom belly mod that is not part of the basic series, there will be a 15 STP charge for each custom mod. STPs paid for custom pregnancy belly mods will not be refunded.

                    Baby Props

                    The cost of the baby prop will now begin at 200 STPs.

                    The base cost of 200 STPs is for a baby prop with all traits generated at random from the parents' traits.

                    Once you have the randomized baby prop, you may purchase additional customizations for 15 STPs each.

                    If you want to completely customize the baby prop (no random traits), the cost for the prop is 400 STPs.

                    We will no longer be offering discounts for multi-child pregnancies.
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                      Let's touch on this topic again.

                      Recently, it has has been brought to the attention of staff, that there has been a miscarriage line of RP being played out in this game. I would like to make it very clear that this is not an allowed line of roleplay for the same reasons stillbirths, and stillborn baby props are not allowed in the first post of this thread.

                      If, you for some reason, decide that you do not wish to follow through with an in character pregnancy, here are some alternative excuses you can use;

                      Cancer, tumors or whichever in game, era-appropriate term of your choosing-
                      - Your abdomen was swollen very greatly from the tumors.

                      Pseudo pregnancy -
                      - Your body decided to turn traitor on you, and you really thought you were pregnant.

                      Internal bleeding -
                      - You were hit, fell, clumsily ran into something, and so your abdomen was practically bursting with blood. It's a miracle you survived!

                      Whichever alternative excuse you choose, (You don't necessarily have to use one of the aforementioned excuses) please, let's be respectful for those who may have gone through something so terrible in their real lives.

                      If, however, you decide to continue this line of RP, you will be given a warning, or even a possible set amount of warnings.

                      Should you then decide not to adhere to the previous guidelines, it is a very real possibility you will be denied any in-game pregnancy thereafter.

                      Thank you. Onward, and upward for healthy, fun roleplay! Wee!



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                        Pregnancy now has an article on the Knowledge Base that will override all of the information above. Please see that article for the most update information.




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