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    I will start to write up a little manual on how to use the current systems. It will take a time, so please be patient. As we are in beta it is also a subject to constant change as we change the game to better accommodate people's needs and our own view of the game.

    Also we do not wish to provide exact numerical and system values, in cases I stick to vague comments it is deliberate. All information is obtainable IG in those cases. The reason behind it is that we wish to focus on role play instead of the system.

    Happy gaming!

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    Money money money

    There is only one currency, which is the Rinaldi Denar.
    It does have changes of course
    1 aurel = 24 denarii
    1 denar = 10 bronze bits
    1 denar = 100 brass bits
    Other houses do not have currencies, the one which does is not accepted in Triskellan.

    Money pouch
    The blank clerk in the Docktown bank can provide you with one.
    You can DEPOSIT coins INTO your money pouch.
    You can WITHDRAW FROM YOUR POUCH 'amount of denars.
    You can only withdraw denarii, not bits, though your money pouch does keep track of your bits.
    You can SET YOUR POUCH 'amount you want to carry.
    Anything over that amount will automatically transferred to your bank account if you pass check points (your room's door, bank's door).

    The bank
    There are two bank buildings, with clerks. If you are there you can do the following actions:
    ask clerk for money pouch - give you a money pouch for free
    ask clerk for promissory note - gives you a promissory note for 1 denar
    @account - tells you how much money you have in your bank account
    @donate 'amount in denar - puts denarii from your account into the guild kitty

    How to take money from your account
    via money pouch. The max amount your money pouch can carry is 500 denarii, so you can set your pouch on 500, then leave the bank. Withdraw that mount to have it in your hand, then go back into the bank, and leave again to fill your pouch with another 500. Rinse and repeat until you have the desired amount in your hand. You can also use multiple money pouches to reach the effect.

    Promissory note
    You need to buy one from a bank clerk.
    Examining it will give you the details on what to do should you forget.
    SET MY NOTE '10 - if you wanted to make the note out for ten denarii.
    SIGN MY NOTE to validate it. Be careful not to sign blank promissory notes.
    When you have a note filled from someone else, you go to the bank and
    GIVE MY NOTE TO CLERK, who will check if the bank account of the person who signed the note has enough money and gives you the amount possible.
    At times you only need to go once, at times repeatedly to have enough collected. The clerk will correct the amount upon giving out money to you.

    @income will give you an information on how much money you earn daily and how much you have after paying for your rooms (if you rent any).
    Upon leaving checkpoints (bank, your room) daily once your pouch checks how much money you have (in your room, in your pouch, in your account etc - in your possession) and
    - if that is higher then your @income, you get nothing.
    - if that is lower then your @income you get enough money to have as much as your @income.
    Income depends on many many things, like what career you have at what level and what rank you have.
    [note: you can not directly purchase higher income with stps.]
    Income does not stack.

    For details see guild section of this manual.
    Three relevances in regards of money:
    -kitty: the more you spend from your @income, the less money the guild gets, the less you spend form your @income, the more money the guild gets
    - stacking: leader of the guild can give you daily money (up to the max of your @income) which directly goes to your account and which stacks.
    Both of those are there to further IG arrangements between guild members and guild leaders.
    - kitty money can be transferred between guilds in @newguild, for details see guild section.


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      Chop chop smash

      Combat mode
      You have to be in combat mode in order to attack, but not to be attacked.
      If you SPAR you will only deliver bruises, if you FIGHT you will deliver cuts.
      BREAKCOMBAT will make you step out from the combat. If your damage is higher then your max HP then you automatically break from combat
      RETREAT EXIT will make you leave the room, and be in combat mode in the next room you arrive in.

      @cstat - gives you this output:
      - You are fighting Bob (you are in combat mode or not)
      - 200/200 action points remain (each action you make cost action points, basically this is the fatigue: actual/max)
      - you are wielding fist (weapon type)
      - you are using your unarmed skill (used skill)
      - armor rating 0 (value of armor and armor penalty)
      - damage of 1(2)/10 (damage from fight (spar)/max)
      Different weapons rely on different attributes and have different values and skills associated with them. Staff will not give out information on what weapon is good for what type of characters. Please find out IG.
      [note: we are not giving out stp weapons currently that have modified stats!]

      You can only attack if you are in combat mode.
      syntaxes are:
      ATTACK TARGET's body part
      ATTACK TARGET with item (though it will still use the weapon you wield)
      ATTACK TARGET's body part with item
      SNEAKATTACK TARGET etc. if you have the relevant skill. It only works if you are in combat mode and your target is NOT in combat mode and if target does not notice that you sneakattack.


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        Home, sweet home

        You all arrive in town with a default room which costs nothing (or we can say it costs bluebooked money).

        OPEN DOOR (east or west door)
        ENTER DOOR (this will close the door behind you, if you want guests you have to wait till they all go in before you enter)
        PULL DOOR (if you have the room set as your @home, then this command will open the door for you and take you into the room)

        New rooms
        You can rent as many rooms as your @income permits you.
        Find the person giving out keys (in case of Inn it is the concierge)
        ASK CONCIERGE - gives you a list of obtainable keys
        ASK CONCIERGE FOR BONE KEY - will give you a bone key for free.
        Find a door that will react to: UNLOCK DOOR WITH MY KEY.
        If you don't have enough @income to rent the room, then you will simply close the room. Otherwise it will ask you once more if you want the room and it will be yours for the taking. With that your key will obtain your NAME on it.
        @HOME - this will set your home which will do the following for you:
        - if you sign out in a non sticky location this is where you are returned.
        - if your items are not sold in the given time in the markets this is where they will be delivered.
        You can obviously only have one @home, though you can have countless rooms.
        Limit to room number:
        - your income
        - one room per TYPE, so you can not have 2 medieval rooms, but you can have one of each type if you have enough daily @income to finance it.

        Getting rid of a room
        The original default room you can not get rid of. But why would you want to?
        The rest you can. Get your key and GIVE KEY TO CONCIERGE (or to the person you got it from.)
        What happens to the stuff in the room you left: all goes in the donation box in the West Commons.
        If you lost the key then you can ask the concierge for a new key of the right type, and unlock the room again. Then give that new key to the concierge to return the room.
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          all about me

          You will need to have a little picture of yourself, won't you?

          How you look
          Look and examine will work.
          I - will tell you what is in your hand and what is on you
          @INHAND - will tell you what you carry
          @ISWORN - tells you what is on you
          currently you come with the colors you have, and you can only stp modify them
          hairdye is the only way you can change your colors
          there is no fur dye presently

          inner values
          @SKILLS - gives you a list of your attributes and your skills (details at learning section)
          @CSTAT - gives you your fatigue, wielded weapon and health (details at fights section)
          If you want to see how injured you are
          - look injury
          - look injuries
          - look bruise(s)
          - look cut(s)
          This section is somewhat buggy currently, so you might see old, already healed injuries listed amongst bruises.
          @INCOME - tells you your daily income (details at banking section)

          what's this smell?
          We all have smells, yes.
          SCENT TARGET - if you stand next to the target and scent them, they will not notice it
          SNIFF TARGET - everyone will know you are sniffing
          INHALE TARGET - it also gives you the scent
          You have your base scent (your animal scent or your stped scent).
          If things with scents interact the scent goes over to the other person.
          The obtained scent fades with time.

          How to get rid of scent
          APPLY OIL TO ME (or to my body part) will dab oil on you covering ALL scents. Only the oil remains.
          APPLY PERFUME TO ME (or bodypart) same as oil but max 20 uses instead of 10
          WASH ME (my bodypart) WITH SOAP - removes all scents but your own animal scent and that of the soap

          those beautiful memories
          @REMEMBER 'TEXT - this will store the TEXT in your memories
          @RECALL - this will list everything in your memories
          if this is longer then a certain amount of lines you will need to type
          @RECALL 'TEXT - this will emit you any items from your memory that has the letter combination text in it.
          @FORGET 'TEXT - this will erase everything from your memory that has the letter combination text in it


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            How to consult with staff

            We try to be as helpful as possible and we strive to understand our players and their needs and make a game we want that also incorporates our player's priorities. For this consultation is necessary. I wish to list some commands/syntaxes as well as a bit of a help on how to best express yourself while consulting with staff.

            First of all, please be respectful. Staff is not paid. Staff is working on volunteer basis, we do not even get free months, we pay for the game just like anyone else. Our 'pay" is the players' satisfaction. We will treat everyone with respect and we will remain polite, we ask for the same.

            We strongly encourage the use of the following as it is the best way to communicate with us and to work together on a game everyone finds enjoyment in. We will never be displeased about people assisting, do not be afraid to assist as long as you have questions, problems, ideas.

            @assist '[insert general text with things you wish to consult upon] - this is the most general form of asking for staff to pay attention to something. This can be an ooc problem you wish to voice, or a general feedback, a plot related remark, request to spend tokens, what to import on the AH, basically anything and everything that doesn't fit in the below list.

            @idea '[insert description of your idea] - this is used for many ideas, be it new items, systems, alternative use of systems, new details of items, a plot or anything that is a constructive change of the game world

            @bug '[insert description of bug] - logically this is where we hope you reveal any bugs you encounter. We strongly encourage people to use this, and some of you already know that we give out items of occasionally free item alteration for those who do not exploit bugs, but report it.

            @rumor '[Insert in game rumor you think should be spread by npcs, any topic of actuality] - this is very ingame, as you noted people in town gossip and you have a chance to catch it, overhear it. Or even gossip about it with npcs. We can not and will not be present with every plot, it is impossible. If you however feel it would add to your experience to share such a gossip with the game, you can add a lasting mark to the game. We overview these and those who pass the filter of oocly non insultive then we put it into the game.

            SOCIALS - verbs and adverbs used in the game, you can increase our vocabulary by the following commands
            @social verb '[insert verb, one word only] - any verb you wish to use and is not known by the parser
            @social adverb '[adverb, one word only] - any adverbs you wish to use and is not in our database yet
            @social change '[verb or adverb change request, new prepositions, usages, etc] - if you feel a verb should be able to accept other prepositions, should or should not require proximity, then please provide the word and also describe the change you wish to see
            @social other '[Other changes that do not fall into the above categories] - anything you could not fit into the above list

            @storypoints '[insert modification you wish to "buy"] - if you have question about spending storypoints or a firm idea on what you want, then this is the place to go to.

            @page NAME OF STAFF '[text] - You can directly consult staff. However we ask you to do it only in two cases:
            a) staff contacted you and you respond to that
            b) staff is visible on the WHO list.
            In every other situation please use @assist, because there is a reason that we are not visible in the WHO if we are online. Usually we are engaged in a work and direct @pages would make our work more difficult. @assist is usually the best idea when you have problems or

            email to staff - in cases where the topic you wish to consult upon needs you to write long texts, it is a possibility to email staff. Eg with logs, with description of systems or with plot ideas, or background stories...
            In my case you can write to

            General Guidelines about assists
            - be polite
            - be as precise as you can
            While @assist 'I need help' will get you staff attention, if you want to have fast response from the staff who can help you the most be as exact as you can. @storypoints 'I want my nose changed' is not too exact, it requires us to go back to you and find you online or leave you a page asking: how do you wish to change it. Something like this would be faster for you @storypoints 'I wish to have my character's (insert character name) nose changed from short to black. How many stps would that cost me?" - this way we can again faster answer the question you have.
            - some players when assisting know already which staff they wish to direct their assist to, they start their assist with a [STAFF NAME: text of assist]. We find those very helpful as we can instantly guide those assist to the addressed staff member. This is not compulsory, we merely thank for those who do that if the assist is directed to given staff members

            We value all inputs, keeping the above in mind will make communication faster and smoother for your own liking and our convenience too. Thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to hear your voices.


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              Plants all around

              This is an incomplete list for now, it will be later modified

              processing plants
              - grind plant with mortar --> paste
              - press leaf --> gel (only with aloe)
              - melt candle into oil -->paraffin
              furthermore salves are possible to be created in game, yet the syntax is findable in game.



              Debug Information