All SkotOS Maps Updated; Please Report Bugs

In the last several days I've updated the way that all the game maps are stored for Ironclaw, Lazarus, Lovecraft, and Marrach, to make it possible for our admins and GMs to add new maps and map fragments to our games. Everything is working from my browsing, but I've heard a few reports of missing maps in Marrach (which may or may not have predated the update).

If any maps seem to have gone missing in those four SkotOS games, please let me know. If you see a broken map or map fragment where the image isn't showing up:

1. Open the image in a new tab (usually by right-clicking and choosing this option from a menu)
2. Copy the URL of the image from the URL bar
3. Email that URL to me at
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Port number for Ironclaw

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  • Port number for Ironclaw

    Im wanting to try this new client for Ironclaw i was wondering if anyone had the Port number so i can connect. Thanks

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    Off the top of my head, I believe it's port 443

    When you connect, you'll just get a blank window, with no connection message or anything. Type in your username
    it will then say "password:" - type in your password
    it then gives a list of each of your PCs, with a number for each of them. Type the number of the PC you want. It then logs you in as that PC.

    Hope that helps
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      Thanks again az