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    I am running player ran plots. Anyone can do this.

    First you'll need a plot idea:
    ~Come up with a good idea for a plot. Stay within theme of the game. Ie no humans or modern/furture elements.
    ~Decide where it should take place.
    ~Decide what npcs (non player characters) if any are needed. Every good story has a villain.
    ~A good plot should have a problem/obstacle/puzzle to solve.

    Once you have the plot all planned out decide:
    1. You want staff to run it but you laid out all the specifics.
    2. You want to run it and want staff in the background.

    For option 1 you will need to write a scroll/email detailing as much as you can. Anything you don't write down will left to the staffer to decide how it goes.

    For option 2 your character will act as a guide. He/she can not participate in the plot itself. Ie you can't write the puzzle and solve it too.

    Next step is send your plot to a plotter via assist/scroll/email.
    You'll need to ask the specific plotter for their specific email.

    I left out an important part. Loot:
    ~If the purpose of the plot is to get loot you will need to spend tokens to have a chance to get loot. Example: treasure hunting, animal hunting, or fishing. The rarer or non plot related the loot, the more it will cost.

    ~If you are short on tokens you can tie into another plot and have your plot be a sub-plot of the bigger one. This will be either free or at a much lower cost.

    ~If the plot is a well thought out event that has another goal other then to gain loot the loot is free.

    ~Keep in mind all loot is subject to what the plotter deems appropriate. Magic items or super rare loot will likely be very expensive or very dangerous to get.

    Last step type @calendar to see when the plot is. It's likely staff will get with you and set a date privately but all plots will now be set on @calendar. The letters on the calendar are S-holy, H-holiday, E-Event. The E is what you are looking for.

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    Updated Information on Plots


    Please note that these costs may differ in comparison to plots/adventures that have been run in the past. Costs will not change from here on unless you're adding different loot, more creatures, or more areas to the baseline. (I'll explain that below)

    AA ADVENTURES (Local swamps or forest)

    * Basic Adventure, open to all: 1000 tokens of appropriate type
    * Basic Adventure, exclusive invite: 1500 tokens of appropriate type

    Basic adventures are usually activities that could/would reasonably be repeated on a regular basis like Noble hunts, fishing expeditions, treks for healing supplies, going to check up on neighboring territories due to reports of bandits, criminals, and so on. It includes 4 - 5 creatures of appropriate and differing types and basic corresponding loot (basic fabrics, small pieces of metal rods, gems, adornment for clothes, etc). We do accept requests for enemy types, and if they fit within the theme, will build and allow them.

    You can add an extra basic creature for 250 tokens. (2 pieces of loot)
    You can add a rare creature for 350 tokens. (4 pieces of loot)
    You can add an ultra-rare creature for 500 tokens. (5 - 7 pieces of loot)
    The addition of creatures = the addition of 1-2 pieces of loot.

    * Custom Adventure, open to all: 1500 tokens of appropriate type
    * Custom Adventure, exclusive invitation: 2000 tokens of appropriate type

    Custom adventures are activities that happen irregularly, such as pirate battles, excursions to faraway lands, search and rescues, exploration and conquering plots. The additional creature costs are the same as with basic adventures, but the loot will be of better quality and rare content.

    **Staff adventure, open to all: 5000 tokens of any type

    Staff adventures are random occurrences that staff (naturally) decides will happen. The plot is left for staff to create, design, and build, and will include the same number of creatures with the same number of loot pieces as the others, but the type of creatures and loot will be determined by the kind of tokens spent. One piece of ultra rare loot will be included in this package.

    ***New AAs can be purchased for 10,000 tokens of any type, and will come complete with a custom adventure. While we do plan on making more AAs to come, this would ensure what you want to see/find useful happens sooner rather than later.
    Story Nyx


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      RP Adventures (The world is your playground)

      *Basic Adventure, open to all: 2000 tokens of appropriate type
      *Basic Adventure, exclusive invite: 2500 tokens of appropriate type

      Basic RP adventures are the same as mentioned in the AA cost post; things that could happen on a regular basis. The difference is that instead of battling automated enemies, the enemies are possessed by staff and will roleplay with you to help you achieve your goals or try to set you back from accomplishing them. The same amount of loot and enemies will be available, but your roleplay will determine what you end up walking away with and what you don't. New rooms may be built for the running of these plots.

      *Custom adventure, open to all: 3000 tokens of appropriate type
      *Custom adventure, exclusive invite: 3500 tokens of appropriate type

      Same thing! Irregularly occurring events, but things that do still come up from time to time.

      *Staff adventure, open to all: 6000 tokens of any type
      Same as the AA adventures, only we'll craft up and control the entire thing instead of having the enemies be automated/unresponsive to your RP.

      Questions/Comments? Let me know!
      Story Nyx


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        Attacking on Plots

        Never in the history of player-run plots before have people decided to attack an outgoing PC party, but now that its happened, I want to lay down the rules so that you can reference them in the future.

        Anyone can attack anyone else leaving the city on adventure, expedition, and so forth. They have to assist with their plan, the number of tokens they want to spend, and what type of tokens.

        Anyone can pre-empt defend themselves when leaving the city. Lets say you're doing a basic RP adventure for 2000 tokens. Default says you will have 500 tokens allotted to mass combat (450 military or sailor tokens depending on the terrain, 50 healer tokens). The rest is purely for loot, creature building, and so on. You can pay extra tokens in addition to this and they will be counted for troops -if- mass combat occurs. If mass combat doesn't occur then the resources are wasted, but if it does you'll have more numbers on your side (in addition to the 450/50 already present).

        In summary, be prepared for anything, or be prepared for nothing, depending on your enemies.

        To those who were part of the plot today, who were not expecting an attack because none has ever occurred, I want to apologize. It's never fun being the first, and you guys were really troopers about the whole thing. Thank you for the two days of roleplay and engagement; I really enjoyed it.
        Story Nyx


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          Scrolls & Interception

          From this point forward, subterfuge tokens can be paid (under the assumption you employ spies) to retrieve copies of scrolls being sent to and from an individual.

          You may only spy on one person at a time (meaning you will see inbound/outbound scrolls to and from them), and your spy will last for however many days you pay him to. An elite spy is 50 tokens, so if you set one up at each courier station, that would be 150 tokens total per day.

          Multiple people cannot spy at the same time. Ie, if Sir George pays 150 tokens to courier spy on Lady Lovesalot, then Lord Burnham cannot try to employ spies during the same period, because the positions are already occupied.

          Sealed scrolls cannot be copied without great risk of your spy being discovered because the seal has to be broken and sent on to the intended party.

          This is really for staff ease. Scroll finding is hard enough, and trying to manage spying for multiple people while doing other things is not something I even want to attempt lest I make a mistake somewhere.

          K, game on!
          Story Nyx


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            Just a thought on this. If someone finds out they are being spied on (through a broken seal) shouldn't they be able to pay tokens to find out who hired the spy? Just a thought.


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              Of course! Tokens can be spent to unearth who was spying on you. They can spend tokens to cover their tracks, in which case whoever is trying to figure them out will have to bid a higher # of tokens to uncover them than they spent trying to conceal identity. If they don't spend tokens to hide themselves, then any amount of token spending would do to reveal who they are. Naturally, whoever is doing the investigating into the spy's identity won't know how many tokens they need or if anyone is trying to conceal or not, so it's a game of chance and numbers!

              You only get to look into the matter -one- time for the record. So, if you spend 300 tokens to reveal the identity of the spy and they spent 500 covering tracks, you won't ever know who it is/was unless they spill it IC.
              Story Nyx



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