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Guiding Steps: What to Expect

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  • Guiding Steps: What to Expect

    Its been brought to my attention that the steps a guide uses to resolve issues aren't posted anywhere. As such, I'm posting them now so that nobody is surprised in the future should they commit any abuses or be faced with punishments by staff.

    In the past we've had different guides who did different things, perhaps, and handled each case using their own discretion. From now on, all of staff will be following these guidelines so as to maintain consistency with all of the playerbase.

    Step 1: Formal warning - 1st

    Step 2: Formal warning - 2nd

    Step 3: Suspension (this can be from a month up depending upon the offense)

    Step 4: Temporary Ban (this can be anywhere from a month to 3 months)

    Step 5: Perma-ban (this is called permanent, but the player can email after 6 months and have the case reviewed by active staffers)

    Occasionally alternative punishments will be used by staff. In the case of people abusing only OOC, you might get an OOC restriction such as not being able to use @chat or @ooc channels. If your issues are with alt abuse then you might be restricted to a single character for a set period of time. It's up to the staff member doing the guiding as to whether or not an alternative would be more beneficial than one of the above steps at the time of offense. These alternatives generally act in place of a suspension so if a similar offense is committed again, you would automatically be at step 4 (temporary ban).

    Please do not hassle staff when they follow these guidelines in resolving issues. They are here to ensure consistency for and from everyone.

    SH Nyx
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    Story Nyx

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