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How to get promoted

This is a sticky topic.
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    No, Yes, No.

    As mentioned before with more detail:
    Originally posted by SHAzrael View Post
    We haven't announced the demotion system yet, so things might still be a little in flux...

    ... but no. Ending the week with negative favour won't trigger a demotion. In most cases the negative favour will just be zeroed out, so she has 0 Cheesehead favour. The disfavours, therefore, will stop your character from advancing as a Cheesehead. But they won't make her lose what she's already gained.

    Demotions WILL be coming (just like Winter) - however, they will be triggered by in-game events, or by another PC. Most likely, PCs will be able to start a petition to have a PC demoted, and the PC in question will be able to petition to keep their rank. Having a lot of favour will make it harder to get demoted (so if you're loved by the cheeseheads, even if someone starts a petition it would still be difficult for them to get you demoted. And, of course, with lots of favour, you can get promoted again even if demoted.)

    I don't want to go into more detail until the system is finalized.
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      Is there a way to revoke patronage if your protege displeases you enough, without them having to find a new patron first?

      I've just observed a very good IC reason for this to happen, and I think that leaving a disgraced protege without a patron makes more sense than telling them to find someone else to take over, something the protege may or may not be willing...or able, to do.

      And if there is not a command to do so, I think there should be in the future.


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        Originally posted by shentino View Post
        Is there a way to revoke patronage if your protege displeases you enough, without them having to find a new patron first?
        Not right now. If you need to do this, please file an @assist.

        We do have plans to add this, although there will probably be some sort of cost to both patron and protege.
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          Well, it took a while, but demotions are now enabled in the game.

          Demotions work like this...
          1. Grab a demotion petition. It's kinda like a scroll. (You can buy them from the guild administrator NPC)
          2. Address the petition to the person you want to demote.
          3. Write a reason for why you think they should be demoted
          4. Sign the petition. It'll now ask what area you want to demote them in. You can only demote in areas where you have rank (e.g. a Rinaldi calling for a demotion within the Rinaldi military) - if you have no rank in that area, you can still ask for a petition by spending influence points that you got via events or favor.

          ... the petition will now be ready for you to start collecting signatures.
          5. The target of the petition will be paged and be given a petition of their own. They can write on that to put forward their side of the story.
          6. Both "sides" can gather signatures. To get a signature, have other PCs examine or sign the petition. PCs can vote in favor or against the demotion.
          7. After enough time has passed with the losing side failing to get signatures, the petition will end, and the outcome will be paged to the petition starter and target. (So if you're winning, keep getting signatures. Or don't if you think you have enough. If you're losing, make sure you keep getting signatures. The petition won't end while you're actively getting more signatures to catch up, but will end when you stop.)

          Hmm, what else?

          - The person who starts the petition matters. If it's a higher ranking PC in their organization, then it'll be a lot easier to succeed in the petition than, say, they're a low ranking person from a rival group.

          - Signatures are worth different amounts of points. A higher ranking PC from the same career path with the same loyalty would be worth much more than a lower ranking PC. (for example, with a Bisclavret military demotion, a higher ranked Bisclavret military PC who's loyal to the Bisclavret will be worth more than a Rinaldi PC with no Bisclavret rank.)

          - If the demotion is successful, this reflects badly upon the demoted PCs patron. The patron has two options:
          -- They can vote to demote their protege. Their vote will be worth more points, since they're the patron. Additionally, if the petition is successful, their patronage will be removed and they will no longer be the patron.
          -- They can ignore the petition or vote against the demotion. Their points will be counted like usual. If the demotion is successful despite this, the patron may lose influence points, or even be demoted!
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