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Update to Baseline Token Prices

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  • Update to Baseline Token Prices

    Below is an outline of the baseline token prices. These are simply a guide and costs may be subject to change. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the prices. You are encouraged to use these prices as a guideline and assist to talk with staff regarding any ideas or questions you might have.

    Please note, all prices are given under the assumption that materials and the skills of an appropriate crafter are provided where applicable in order to encourage the inclusion of fellow players and inspire role-play. Prices subject to change accordingly.



    Custom one time gown - 350 tokens (this comes with whatever basic details are in a similar gown; so skirt, sleeves, etc)
    Custom pattern - 700 tokens(Additional details) - 50 tokens each
    Secure a pattern - 500 tokens
    Custom dye - 50 tokens per single use (Includes single use dyes, lacquers, metal tints, et cetera)
    Color or Material Change on an existing garment - 15 tokens (swapping out one fabric or dye for another, so long as the materials are provided)

    FOOD and DRINK

    One-time ONLY new food or drink - 300 tokens (served once and once only, cannot be used again without incurring an additional token cost, for instances in which you want your new item to remain unique)
    Permanent new food or drink - 200 tokens (added to the database and can be used again in the future)
    New mini-food or mini-drink - 150 tokens (includes taster bottles, miniature versions of existing food or tasting samples)
    (Please note that these prices are for the building of the new food or drink ONLY and there will be an additional price per item/dozen)


    Design of New Direct Import - 700 tokens (for design of new direct import only, additional details priced at 50 tokens each, plus the additional price per item as it is pulled from inventory.)
    Direct Import slots - 1st 500 tokens, 2nd 1500, 3rd 4500, 4th 10000 (Houses have 4 slots automatically, guilds have zero. You can swap items in and out of slots within reason)


    Base Cost - 100 tokens (includes only default description changes of the room and must include materials and PC crafter)
    Base Cost w/o crafter OR materials - 150 tokens (only default description changes of the room)
    Base Cost w/o crafter AND materials - 200+ (depending on price per material including only change to default description of the room)
    Additional Details - 50 tokens (per detail added. IE, things you can RP and interact with)
    (Please note, you will have to receive permission from the Rinaldi to make renovations or changes to public spaces. These prices can also apply to guild members altering personal rooms, but you must have token permission and request approval from the owner of the establishment (IE - assist with your idea) in order to approve the validity of the request and ensure that it is feasible within the scope of a rented INN room)


    New prop or decoration - 50-75 tokens (social tokens, for default and one detail depending on complexity)
    Coded games or entertainments - 100-150 tokens (social tokens, with basic stat rolls or reactions depending on game type) Emitting groups or event specific emits - 100 tokens (social tokens, per ten emits, one-time use)

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      Single use items, such as single use dye pots, are now restricted to the House responsible for those imports.

      Rinaldi - Single Use Dye Pots

      The Rinaldi can spend 50 trade tokens to have an item, bolt or roll dyed another color. IE) You can send in a bolt or roll with an assist (please also include the information in or on the package) and have the color adjective changed. You can send a bolt of silk with the request "I would like this dyed frosted silver plz!" and we will deduct the tokens accordingly. You must have authorization from the leader of the House to spend tokens.

      Bisclavret - Single Use Lacquer Pots

      The BIsclavret can send in an item or article of wood to have the color adjective changed for 50 trade tokens. IE) "I would like this wood lacquered in smokey brown! Thx!" Same as above, you need authorization to spend tokens from your House.

      Avoirdupois - One Time Fabric Alterations

      The Avoirdupois can pay 50 trade tokens to have fabrics patterned or textured. You cannot alter the type of fabric but you can add descriptors to the fabric. IE) Striped, floral-patterned, quilted, ruched, speckled, ombre, et cetera.

      Doloreaux - Single Use Metal Staining

      The Doloreaux can pay 50 trade tokens to have an item or rod altered to have a stain worked into the metal (no steel items allowed). IE) Blued, smoked, blackened, bronzed, burnished, polished, et cetera.

      Hope this helps!!

      XO ~Tops


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        Information in this post has be combined into an article that is posted on the the Knowledge Base on the new ICO website. Please see that article for the the most current policies regarding Tokens.

        Information in this post may no longer be current. For questions, please contact staff at @assist in game.