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Token shuffling and update

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  • Token shuffling and update

    Hi guys,

    We're making some changes to how tokens work in the game. This is partly an experiment, and partly to pave the way for future updates.

    Previously, guilds would have tokens, which could be spent on various things.

    With this update:
    - PCs can now have tokens. When you type money you will see how many tokens your PC has, in addition to seeing how much money your PC has
    - Guild leaders and other PCs that can already transfer tokens from their guild to other guilds can now transfer tokens from their guild to individual PCs (just like they can with money)
    - PCs can donate money and tokens to their guild using the @donate command
    - If a PC leaves a guild (either because they joined a new one, or because they were discharged) then any tokens they had are lost.

    Currently, each day tokens are given to the guilds for each active PC.

    In the near future:
    - We'll be shuffling that around so that the PC will be given the tokens each day and they can donate it to the guild, rather than the guild receiving the tokens directly.
    - We'll probably add a command so PCs can donate tokens directly to another guild member, to save them having to do that as a two-step process.

    These tokens still represent influence the guild has gathered - if a PC leaves the guild they will lose any tokens that they have (so donate all your tokens to your guild before leaving!) - but this change allows individual members to wield that influence by spending the tokens directly. Guild leaders will need to communicate with members if they want to coordinate tokens spending or gather all the tokens into a large pool for a big expenditure. Guild members can arrange plans, such as giving all martial tokens to their guard captain, or sharing tokens between various members so everyone has tokens of all the different types, or other arrangements - all that is up to you and can happen via your roleplay.

    My hope is that this will create a little more RP around guild management, and give more PCs a chance to be involved in stuff that uses tokens.
    In the longer term, it'll also simplify the way we do coding that uses tokens, which should mean other future projects can make use of tokens more easily.
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