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    As per the first post in this topic, a danger zone simply means that you do not need to consent when a player attacks you in Docktown.

    This is called implied consent. By entering this area, you have automatically consented to the possibility of death.

    Combat also has implied consent. By specifically entering into combat with another PC, despite already being wounded, you have implied your consent to become further injured.

    When you ignore the prompts telling you to cease and seek immediate medical attention, you are consenting to the consequences of continuing the fight.

    Combat = injuries

    Combat while already injured = really bad injuries

    Really bad injuries = you might die

    This has absolutely nothing to do with danger zones or not. This is common sense.

    It's a little silly to assume that just because you are in a different part of town, combat is less serious and any less life-threatening.



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      Confirmed with azrael that fatal KOs are in fact a bug. No estimate on when it will be fixed though.