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    In the next few months, we are making a huge push to finish building Docktown, Newtown and Oldtown. With this in mind, I’m creating this thread to announce the buildings as they become open to the public so that everyone can enjoy all the new places available for your story telling fun!

    Part of this effort is to bring the gameworld up to speed with what SHOULD be the truth; the city of Triskellian is a huge population center with flourishing trade, business, communities and micro neighborhoods. Keeping that in mind, this are not intended to be seen as “new” places but rather places that should have already been there.

    At any rate, go out, explore and have fun!!


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    Mama and Papa’s Fish Shack

    Follow Market Street all the way till it intersects with Dockstreet, then hop one space west and you’ll find the quaint little shack owned by the husband and wife team known as Mama and Papa, selling all variety of delicious fish dishes, including many only available via token purchase until now.


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      Bennoit's Wine and Coffee Bar

      If you happen to be exploring the northern portion of Newtown, you'll find a quaint little road named Chalon sur Sauldre Way. This area is traditionally inhabited by Avoirdupois ex-pats and visitors, an ICO equivalent to Little Italy or Chinatown, per se.

      On this road, you'll find an independently owned and operated little wine and coffee bar owned by a young entrepreneur named Bennoit and his business partner Juliet. They bring to the city a delightful mix of local and international cuisine. If you know the right people though, you might get a glimpse of the secret menu.


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        Sweet little Gertie, after years and years working for the baker, has decided to open her own store just east of the corner of Peaceful Way and Market Street, selling her specialty confections and candies! This means the baker isn't selling candy anymore, but if you take a peek at what he has for sale now, I don't think you'll complain at all! Enjoy!!


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          O'Hoolihan's Grove

          Seamus O'Hoolihan and Maive Mckinney have joined forces to open O'Hoolihan's Grove, a family-friendly tavern located on Harrowgate Lane in Northern Newtown. Come sample the wares from near and far and if you know the right people, you might even get a peek at the secret menu!


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            Brugian Biergarten

            Along a quaint little street in Northern Newtown, you'll find a road named Auriville Road, now home to the Brugian Biergarten, owned and operated by sisters Ina and Ingrid von Slingerland. Come sample some wares and if you know the right people, perhaps even something special from far up north!


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              Vivaldi’s on South

              Head east past the Guild Council building and veer southeast just a tick and you’ll find yourself standing before Vivaldi’s on South, a delightfully bright and airy cafe run by brother and sister team Vivaldi and Ismelda. They offer light fare and if you know the right people, you’ll even get a peek at their secret menu!


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                Newtown Mercantile

                Head northeast front Market Circle and then head to Southern. Across from Vivaldi’s you’ll find a delightful general store called the Newtown Mercantile. Jessica and Jon will be happy to provide for all your basic needs, supplying newcomers and veteran citizens alike with any number of tools and supplies. Grab a light lunch and enjoy the people watching, but be sure to say hi to Jack, he just loves the attention!! He hopes to be just like his mom and dad when he grows up!!


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                  Located in their respective regional parishes are the Gentle Kobold Tradeshop, La Dolce Vita Haberdashery, Mirabelle's Mercantile, and Murphy's Imports. In these shops you will find seamstresses knowledgeable in garment patterns from the North, South, East, and West. Bring your finest fabrics and see what they have to offer!

                  With the enough coin and the right loyalty, the seamstresses in these shops will craft any of the direct import garments for you as long as you provide the fabric. Staff will no longer be handling requests for direct imports.
                  StoryBuilder Kjell